Duck Duck Goyahoo

I've been using Duck Duck Go for some time now. For months, I used the Duck Duck Go search engine. About a month ago, I was unable to log onto Duck Duck Go on Saturday morning: when I typed an address into the bar at the top, it flipped to a screen that said something I copied, but can't find now. I tried using Yandex, but the same thing happened, and I was unable to log onto the Internet. I was able to do so using Google, but by the afternoon, Google was giving me the same message, and I couldn't log on there either. The next day I was able to get onto the Internet again, but when I typed anything into the search bar in the middle or the address bar at the top, it immediately flipped me to Yahoo. I hate Yahoo. I then understood that the problem on Saturday had been Yahoo taking control of my computer, hijacking it. I try to retype my queries insisting that Duck Duck Go, Yandex, or (last resort) Google handle it, and NOT Yahoo. Sometimes I can get around using Yahoo, but usually I can't.

I am going to hire a computer repairman to come to my house, difficult as it would be for me to pay him over a hundred dollars to disable Yahoo on my computer, but I'm going to do it if I can't get rid of it any other way. I saw online that Duck Duck Go has run into the arms of Yahoo as its default search engine. Why would you do that? How can I get rid of it? Thanks!

Oct 11, 2019

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