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I am concerned about being tracked, true. But I am more concerned with outright bias and being propagandized. I asked a simple question about President Trump's quote quote in 2016 about the U.S. being unprepared for a pandemic. What I got were 10 links, TEN in a row, to absolutely horrifically negative articles condemning Trump for his Administrations dealing with this Corona virus. Not one was even remotely related to my question. Three sterling examples are pictured below.

Sorry, but you have proved to be just another unbelievably leftist site to be exposed ( and I WILL do my best to do just that, be assured.)

Goodbye Duck Duck Go.


these people are claiming my business accounts

We actually own Shelby County Flea Market and


Moving services

I am the owner of Roanoke Movers. Other companies are incorporating my company name into theirs. Whenever a search using "Roanoke Movers" the another company is listed in the search. Anyway of removing this?

This was similarly done on googles search engine where another company claimed my listing, make changes to phone number and added their website link...worse processed credit card payments using my company email address. Complaints were numerous demanding deposits back. We do not or have not accepted deposits before providing services.

Moving services

search engine

I did a search two days ago on Dyson hairdryers and the next day there was an ad from Dyson on Facebook in my news feed.
Yesterday I searched for ways to dispose of an old tube TV and this morning I got an unsolicited email from Junk-King.
Coincidence? I think not. I thought DuckDuckGo was different from Google and wouldn't track my searches or share that information. I am disappointed.

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    Miss Childsh Feb 20, 2020

    Do you have a number we can contact you at? We'd like to explain the issue further and reach out to you with compensation.
    -GoDuckGo Customer Care
    Deb Stark

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You declaim your advocacy of Privacy, yet your Website recognises & blatantly acknowledges what Browser I am using suggesting that I add DDG to that specific platform I am on. HOW IS THAT "PRIVATE:?

MOREOVER: On this page:

DDG posts a invasive telephone search engine hosted by "BeenVerified":


You boast some goddamned children educational book online ostensibly educating children about ubiquitous surveillance, but host these breaches of privacy on your own website. NO—that does not "seem" contradictory & mendacious—it is.

[censored] your horse-[censored] prevarications. Private MY ASS!

Moreover, I can not remain anonymous. Your Pop-up requires me to "agree" to your cookies? [censored] Off.

& then you require me to LOG-IN with "Socials"? Man, you are full-of-[censored]! How about a punch in the face, instead?

search result

Hello my favorite notrackem search engine. Using "2020 primary" as search criteria there's not even a mention in the results listing for the 2020 Republican primary. How can that be, for impartial notrackem DuckDuckGo, when Democrats are prominently featured?

Moreover a search for President Trump prominently features an obvious hit piece by thoroughly biased Wikipedia. Maybe you can find some more balanced listings?

Thanks for letting me vent, hope someone actually reads it.


search results are deleted immediately after display by duckduckgo

Dear DuckDuckGo Support Team, hello!
I request your technical support to clear following DDG anomaly:
Problem: As of a few days ago, DDG no longer correctly displays its search findings as it always used to. Well, it does, but they don't remain on-screen. Example: with search expression ‘Brexit' a summarised ‘quote' reference to Wikipedia is displayed (which is correct, because this is normally the case with Wikipedia entries), but this info box remains visible for only about one second, whereupon it disappears and so I then have no search result at all on the screen. The system also behaves this with other DDG search expressions.
System: Desktop Lenovo THINK-Tank; Windows 10; Office for 365; Firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit): for the past 12 months or so DuckDuckGo has served as my (excellent) default search engine (I confirm that the name is correctly displayed under Firefox options).
I hope that you can make a suggestion as to what could be causing this to happen and advise me what to do next. I am not a great expert on these things.
If you need any more information, I shall try to oblige.
Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

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link removal

There is a very defamatory link to a false profile on that comes up when I type my name. The link itself gives false information about me.

I do not get the same results on google. I have deleted my profile on yet the link still leads to a live page.
Why is this link shown in duckduckgo but not google and what can I do to have it removed?

your search engine

I like to keep a browser page open for quick access to your search engine. Now, if I click on the search box where DDG is my default search engine to re-open the page, I get a stupid message saying "Oops, no search Please try again". Can you provide a way to remove that?

I am now being told my message is too short: I do not know what else to say to get to 350 chs when I have already explained the issue.

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    SnDe Jan 30, 2020

    Just add a whole bunch of punctuation to get the number of characters you need.

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windows 10 ver. 1909, edge. or duckduckgo

In duckduckgo settings any setting that I change and save is reset when I close and reopen Edge.
I cannot find any help online with this problem, can you folks help me I am getting tired of having to go into settings and redoing it every time I open Edge. Yes, duckduckgo is my preferred search engine.

Now I find that if this, complaint / cry for help, is not 350 char or longer no one will notice it . Okay so I am letting you know that is is a real problem I cannot change settings in duckduckgo save those changed settings, the close Edge and reopen Edge duckduckgo is my preferred search engine and is my homepage choice also so when the homepage comes up and I enter in a new search and then select one of the choices I find that the new tab setting that I changed and saved earlier has been reset and the choice that I chose has opened in the original search page and in order to get back to the choice list I have to click the arrow.

  • Updated by Safety Last · Jan 23, 2020

    Fifth sentence of the post is a rambling on sentence. My apologies!
    The first use of the word "the" should have been the word "then."
    At the end of the sentence prior to the word "arrow" should have been the word "back."
    Errors occur when I fail to use a good word processor to test my posts prior to posting them.
    I beg your pardon for my errors and I still welcome a fix for my problem.
    Thank you.

how do you call yourself a search engine? i

I checked you out willing to make some sacrifice because I HATE! google. But there is no comparison. Google is half the search engine it use to be. But your not a search engine at all. If I ask for black you show me 10 pages of white. Then everything else but what I asked for. Just 5 min ago I asked for sites similar to you tube that is ad free or skips ads. Not one. Just dozens of you tube ads on how to use there bypass. Your either a joke or Google owns you.
Either way Im done!


I enter a specific search request "where in new zealand can I buy"grains of paradise" - so - I want to know where, in new zealand, I can buy grains of paradise.
I have specified - in new zealand!
Wtf does your search come up with?...
The first page contains not even one, solitary, single reference to new zealand!!!
The first item - ebay!
Is ebay in new zealand - is it hell!
The twelfth item is mighty ape in nz - hooray!!!
Except they do not stock the product!
Need I go on???

I changed to your search engine in the hope it would be more objective than google and the other charlatans.
It is things like this that are totally ruining the same persons experience of the www.

internet search

Mine rather than a complain is a suggestion to get a more useful internet search. When you make a research with Google the results show the date of issue, at least for those blogs that allows to show the date. This I believe is an important info for the search, thus I'm wondering if wouldn't be possible to have the same in DuckDuckGo.
Attached is a screenshot with a page searched by Google.

internet search

advertised claims

Why do yu claim using ddgo does not allow dude-hits will not be followed around? That's not true. When I launch a search using duckduck as my 'home' icon) which I choose to override Bing--merchandise that I browsed five minutes ago, invariably shows up as dynamic pop-ads n every site I visit thereafrter! How do I avoid this chronic trend?


Good day
When I enter a question to DuckDuckGo and the answers come up it very frequently says I am in Sweden. This is totally false as I am in the UK and it worries me that there is interference of some sort.
I also note that adverts /sites/replies sometimes come up in an eastern language/ Russian /Ukkranain or similar.
I had a report from Gmail some weeks ago that my email had an attempt from Ukraine. I changed pwords etc.
I sometimes read the UK daily mail and again Russian adverts or similar come in at the beginning. I only use Duck Duck Go to access sites and mainly on Opera with the VPN on.
Can you advise me please.

Thank you

right to be forgotten ignoring of the law.

Why is DuckDuckGo not following the European Data Protection requirements of the Right to be Forgotten Law? You neither have a Form for filling in online or even any acknowledgment that Data Protection Law is applicable to you? Google alone have actioned over 2.4 Million removal requests and Yahoo with Bong also acknowledge the Right to be Forgotten legislation and action accordingly.

' shopping feature ' - predominated / saturated with amazon prime options - not a representative array of other sellers

Notice this all too often - I search for an item ( looking for variety and a wide range of sellers ) using your engine and the ' shopping ' option ...but most often it is populated with Amazon / Amazon Prime products - I would say 85 % try adding more results by clicking the + icon find still more Amazon results .
This may pay your way, but illustrates the unfair influence of Amazon for both smaller online retailers and buyers seeking a fair representation of options out there . I personally prefer to avoid Amazon, for a number of reasons .
I have stopped using Google as a search engine, though note it returns very many more search results than duckduckgo . But it is a pity you are promoting freedom of browsing, yet are in the pocket of Amazon ?
Is how I see it .

search results

I really want to use you guys' search engine so I can spit in the faces of Google. When I search for something on Duck Duck Go, the results are terrible. For example, Google has their first result in big bold letters when you search for something like Ohio State vs. Wisconsin score. It's unmissable on their site and it's quick and convenient so you aren't having to search through URLs. Duck Duck Go doesn't do that and it makes it really hard to use you guys when you're not as user friendly and I'm sure their are tens of thousands of others that have this same frustration. Please fix it so I can remain a customer of yours.


Tyler Hodge

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    daboston Jan 12, 2020

    I, too, wish to avoid the evil empires of Google and the Suckerburger, but I am becoming disillusioned by the search capacity of Duckduckgo. I live in Spain and the operating language of my computer is Spanish, but everything is slewed towards to US and English. What a shame that DDG cannot get beyond the cultural and economic imperialism which characterise the rest of the industry! Furthermore, I strongly suspect that it is in the pay of people like Amazon because it is almost impossible to use DDG to find useful information. Everything is about shopping, finance or tourism. SAD!

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search engine bad listing

Duck Duck Go — search engine BAD LISTING

Charlotte Air Conditioning Repair | - Axolotl
[Search domain] is the World's Best "All Axolotl Website" The Axolotl care instructions are complete, easy to understand, accurate and will not endanger the Axolotl's life.

search engine bad listing

search engine

So I searched "womens rights in islam" and was immediately linked to a bunch of islamist apologia websites. Eight of the first ten pages listed. I was looking for an objective analysis, not a bunch of crap explain that women actually have it great in Islam and that all the evidence otherwise is just a bunch of evil islamaphobic propaganda.

Now, I'm pretty hard-left myself and agree that Islam is incredibly misunderstood in the West, but the first page of results was filled with almost nothing but proselytization pages written by Muslim telling everyone that they should convert, it's a problem.