D Jul 28, 2019

My business, "Blinds, etc." does not show up in your local "Maps" listings. You have merchants that are not even in my industry! All of my competition shows up- except me! I am top rated on Yelp, where you apparently draw your "Maps" results. I am one of the oldest companies in my area. I've used DDG for a long time and have referred many users- I can't do that anymore. You make it impossible to contact a real person at your organization and you make it impossible to update a business listing. I was once a believer in your business plan but now I simply believe this search engine is the worst! I'd rather let my data be tracked than support this kind of singular ostracizing of my business.! Of course, this "complaint form" is useless because I'm sure I will not hear back from anyone in this organization who cares. Frustrated to the max with Duck Duck Go!!

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