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SafeCart Complaints & Reviews

Safecart / Subscription

Oct 14, 2019

I purchased the Advanced System Repair app and it's a joke. It does not work, if anything it made my laptop worse! I want a refund and trying to get a hold you safecart is even worse. I'm on the phone now while sending this. Been on hols D for 2 hours now. I'm starting feel that both of you...

Safecart / useless utility that disrupts computer rather than repairs

Sep 29, 2019

Before my online purchase I paid £30 via Paypal believing this to be either continued ownership or at least 12 months subscription. My computer after 2 days usage had to be reset via Windows 10 as many different problems arose. At least the Windows reset at least removed this useless utility...

Safecart / a computer repair app.

Sep 01, 2019

I purchased the repair app on the 28th August, as I was having loads of trouble with my computer. However it didn't work even though the help service couldn't solve it either. I therefore asked for my money to be refunded. It has since been taken from my account against my wishes. Invoice...

Safecart / advanced system repair pro 2019 for $29.95

Aug 31, 2019

Purchased today for $29.95, given a key #[protected], but when I try to enter it to get my system cleaned, it says incorrect #. went thru called Jamie Watkins at [protected] and he walked me thru a 10% scan using your product (Advanced System Repair 2019). after trying to...

Safe Cart / complaint

Aug 01, 2019

I do not recall giving safe cart authorization to charge my account. I have removed safecart from my computer and I don't want to be charged any further. I wo;uld like a refund if possible. It was removed from my computer on 8/1/19. I do not know when it was added as I stated I have...

Safecart / advanced system repair

Jul 30, 2019


[Resolved] Safecart / online repair programs sold for fixing home computers (reimage)

Jun 21, 2019

I purchased a supposed computer repairing program, that said it would get rid of viruses, worms, Trojans, and fix and patch non-working programs. I currently had Microsoft 10. On *MAY 28, 2019*, I made an online transaction with Safe Cart, and Safe Cart had an option to (also) use PayPal...

[Resolved] Safecart / produit anti virus

Jun 16, 2019

Bonjour, En date du 14 juin, vous avez débité mon compte de la somme de somme de 53, 53 € Aussi, je vous demande de bien vouloir me rembourser cette somme, car je n'ai rien commandé chez vous, et de considérer ma résiliation définitive de vos fichiers. En vous remerciant par avance du...

[Resolved] Safecart / kjøp av safecart pchelp1 [protected]

Jun 14, 2019

Jeg kjøpte bestilte i slutten av mai reparasjon av PC gjennom SafeCart. En hyggelig norsktalende dame forsøkte å hjelpe meg med installering av programvare på min PC, men lyktes ikke med dette. Hun trodde at min hjemme PC som er ganske mange år var for gammel. Jeg avbestilte derfor produktet og...

[Resolved] Safecart / no product but someone carget my paypal account today for the ammount of €34,99 eur for somthing I haven't bought. I want my money back asap

Jun 10, 2019

Hei, Anne Fritsvold Du har sendt en betaling på €34, 99 EUR til SafeCart ([protected] Det kan ta litt tid før transaksjonen vises i kontooversikten. Forhandler SafeCart [protected] [protected] Melding til forhandler Du har ikke oppgitt noen melding. Beskrivelse...

[Resolved] Safecart / unauthorized automatic payment made

Jun 09, 2019

I went to PayPal with my complaint, because they were negligent in paying the amount. My account had changed, the e-mail address was different from my e-mail address, but it was paid anyway. C2=A0My account was scammed in Panama. I was not aware of this until it showed up on my account...

[Resolved] Safecart / [protected]

Jun 08, 2019

4 avril 2019 SafeCart -négatif 29.95 USD Paiement automatique Payé avec Solde PayPal Taux de change 31.00 CHF = 29.95 USD 1 CHF = 0.9663 USD Gérer les paiements de SafeCart Numéro de transaction 72B1601501845443K Informations du vendeur SafeCart [protected] [protected] Numéro de... Paretolog / must be cancelled

May 13, 2019

We have attempted to cancel our relationship with you for a year. And again today. Your voicemail states you are open Monday-Friday We would like you to confirm cancelation of all future charges and refund the last 3 charges as this is not a service we have used. SAFECART.COM PARETOLOG 19.97 If...

Safecart / advanced system repair

May 12, 2019

I have requested a refund for the product. It was installed and run. My computer stopped working. When I called the installers I was told They could not help me. I would have to pay tech support to try and resolve this problem. I have sent several emails to customer service telling them...

Safecart / unauthorized credit card charge

May 08, 2019

charge showed up on my statement on monday morning, when I tried to contact company I was told that since I had only the amount of charge and company name no one could help me it was suggested that I call my credit card company and then I was disconnected The charge showed up on my statement on...

[Resolved] Safecart / did not purchase

Apr 23, 2019

Did not approve of no such thing Hi teresa acosta, Thank you for your apr 9, 2019 purchase from advanced system repair, inc. For order id: phlp-u0904190650-06qrq. This is a friendly reminder that your credit card statement should now show a purchase from paypal *safecart*sysre. Please note, you have...

[Resolved] Safecart / driver wizard program. credit card charged twice for one subscription.

Apr 11, 2019

On April 7, 2019, when attempting to purchase the Driver Wizard computer program, my registration information was denied. I reentered my information, including payment info, and the purchase went through. Unfortunately, since I had entered my credit card information twice, two charges of...

[Resolved] Safecart / payment in error

Apr 06, 2019

Safecart Receipt Receipt ID: SPTS-C0404190018-00TZG April 03, 2019 Renewal Spark Trust PC Cleaner Plus 1 $33.97 CAD Alberta Canada does not have HST only GST $33.97 X 0.5% GST = $1.70 $ 1.70 CAD Total $35.67 CAD I was charged $38.39 CAD Suppose to be charged $35.67 CAD Over charge of $...

[Resolved] Safecart / advanced system repair pro ui

Mar 27, 2019

I called safecart and they suggested that I fill out this formal form. My problem is that I was charged twice (2x) for advanced system repair pro ui. I have two separate licenses and procuct keys. I really only need one. I was asked to contact you with this form and contact the agency which I...

[Resolved] Safecart / don't know

Jan 11, 2019

SafeCart has been taking $25.99 out of my checking account for a year. I don't know who or what SafeCart does. I have tried to call them but the phone picks up and then goes dead. I do not remember applying for it since I know nothing about it. I do not know how they got my account but...

[Resolved] Safecart / automatic renewal service info

Dec 10, 2018

I received an auto renewal email, which is content that my subscribe will automatically renew for 39.99 USD, but I dont want to renew my subsribe, I would like to unsubscribe form the service. As i would like to unsubscribe from the service, please delete the automatic payment option, and...

Safecart / advanced system repair

Dec 04, 2018

When I agreed on the computer to try this product it said $39-95 they charged me $63-88 . The product has taken over my computer there are pop ups coming up all the time. It keeps telling me to upgrade. I only want to get rid on the product and get my money back . They say you can get your...

Safecart / safecart product activation: advanced privacy and malware protect

Dec 04, 2018

I accepted a charge for Cumputer Tune of £13.18 ON 3 December and your system then billed me for a product I DID Not request. The item is: Privacy and Malware Protect and you billed me £18.20. You charged my mastercard with £35.26. I have not downloaded any of the software and request that...

[Resolved] Safecart / spyhunter 5

Oct 02, 2018

I've been trying to cancel this from renewing for several years now. Safecart's email states "You sent an automatic payment to SafeCart®, which will display on your statement as SAFECART SPYHUNTER [protected]." Note-I didn't send anything to Safecart. Safecart took it out of my credit card...

[Resolved] Safecart / advanced system repair, inc..

Sep 19, 2018

I received this e-mail from you: Sep 12, 2018 5:51 pm Subject: SafeCart Order Information Reminder (Ref# PHLP-U2908182150-21GVV ) Thank you for your Aug 29, 2018 purchase from Advanced System Repair, Inc. for Order ID: PHLP-U2908182150-21GVV. This is a friendly reminder that your credit card... / program and agent did not help my problem...

Sep 18, 2018

I am writing you to tell you your program did not fix my problem and like your ad says "we will return your money if you don't like the program, no problem" All your agent did was try and sell me another program for $200.00 that would fix any problem I every had. Your program...

[Resolved] Safecart / spyhunter

Sep 05, 2018

After having allowed Spyhunter to scan my system I was asked to 'register' to remove unwanted 'PUPS'. However, to do so require the payment of Aud 55 for a 12 month initial period but, with an automatic renewal each 12 months. I sent an email indicating that I accepted the initial payment...

[Resolved] Safecart / driverwhiz/paypal

Jul 17, 2018

I am disputing a debit because I was informed by paypal that any debit would not be processed if the bank card had expired, which this one did, contrary to what I have been informed of. The notice I received after "apparently buying this product" = driverwhiz at r567, 62 ($39, 90 on 19th...

[Resolved] Safecart / safepckit-license # vy4hvyakp4 order reference yade-u1307181009-10wua

Jul 16, 2018

Would not activate with license key. Called and a technician was suppose to have activated it. Still will not work. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO USE PRODUCT THAT CAUSES DELAYS. IT KEEPS ASKING ME TO PAY FOR IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND WILL NOT LET ME REGISTER AND WHEN I FINALLY GOT TO THE LICENSE KEY AND...

[Resolved] Safecart / all downloads

Jun 04, 2018

I wanted to update my I/O programs, but when I tried I was given a lot higher prices on most all downloads, but I had already selected the ones I wanted and listed my credit card. I wish to start over and cancel all that I have purchased today, I will contact you later to assist me in...

[Resolved] Safecart / unauthorized charge

May 04, 2018

Unknowingly I must have signed up with this company and they charged my paypal account in November 2017 for $39.95. Thinking that it was for a year, I let it go through not realizing it was a preauthorization transaction. Now, 6 months later they are coming back for another $39.95. I send...

[Resolved] Safecart / canceled safecart months ago and still being charged

Mar 31, 2018

I was charged $2.95 one time and then canceled my membership a few days later with a representive over the phone. I have been charged a $29.95 fee for the past three months. I want my money refunded immediately. Bad customer service. And honestly the website wasn't that great either. Thi...

[Resolved] Safecart / unauthorized use of my bank account/ fraud by safecart

Mar 21, 2018

Last week I paid 2.95 to use safe cart one time. I was asked to try the company for 24.95 which I did not sign up for. I could not afford this so I left the webpage because I thought this was too much. I am retired, raising 3 grandchildren and do not have this kind of money. Today I looked...

[Resolved] Safecart / unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 14, 2018

On the 15th of december my credit card was billed with the mount 23, 74USD - I don't own an account at this website and have never used it for purcheses - no servie or goods where recieved in exchange for ths amount! - No email with details of transaction was provied - transaction detail...

[Resolved] Safecart / pro pc cleaner

Dec 17, 2017

SafecartI purchased the service for the PC cleaner on 5-5-16 for 39.95 and it renews automatically every 6 months. I looked online on the website to see what service it had me under and they have no knowledge. I have been charged this price three times and their service is crap. I have contacted...

[Resolved] Safecart / refund not received

Nov 23, 2017

A transaction re a pc program November 5th as well as a pc improvement/internet security obligation November 8th was agreed upon with Reimage, as they claim they will refind you, if you are not pleased with their services. I referred to the Reimage refund guarantee November 8th and the...

[Resolved] Safecart / purchase of reimage

Nov 05, 2017

SafecartYou charged me 139.60CAD for a one year 3 co mputers for ReImage Transaction Paypal 0SM82482FJ064010W November 2, 2017 The serial numbers you provided DONT WORKS I paid for year and I have a message that my paiement is valid 47 days I want FULL REFUND not only your sofware dont solved the...

[Resolved] Safecart / I was scam money!!!

Nov 02, 2017

I am writing to complaint about you company!! It all started at in 2014, i found your company on the internet for higher speed. i asked what country i was calling. They said India. everything was good for a few years and thought they were fixing my computer and cleaning it up. I paid the...

[Resolved] Safecart / payment to safecart via paypal credit/unauthorized charges.

Oct 19, 2017

Date Transaction ID Invoice ID 6/16 2MEO7864C6641243G CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VRMRZ 2.95 6/21 2AA65761HY2619815 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW7K2AQ 24.95 7/21 7WK24040HB901683W CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-MU3EC 24.95 8/21 7ST20221DB1885530 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VCGQ7 24.95 9/21 OD369070PS229324C...

[Resolved] Safecart / service

Sep 23, 2017

Today (23/9/2017) an amount of $54.97 was withdrawn from my account through PayPal by this company. I have idea who they are, what services they provide and I have never ordered anything from them. Seeing all the complaints on this website, something needs to be done about this company. I...