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SafeCart Complaints & Reviews

Safecart / unauthorized credit card charges

opreanrebeca on Jan 14, 2018
On the 15th of december my credit card was billed with the mount 23, 74USD - I don't own an account at this website and have never used it for purcheses - no servie or goods where recieved in exchange for ths amount! - No email with details of transaction was provied - transaction detail...

[Resolved] Safecart / pro pc cleaner

Stacey Terilli on Dec 17, 2017
I purchased the service for the PC cleaner on 5-5-16 for 39.95 and it renews automatically every 6 months. I looked online on the website to see what service it had me under and they have no knowledge. I have been charged this price three times and their service is crap. I have contacted...

Safecart / refund not received

Tom Rosenberg on Nov 23, 2017
A transaction re a pc program November 5th as well as a pc improvement/internet security obligation November 8th was agreed upon with Reimage, as they claim they will refind you, if you are not pleased with their services. I referred to the Reimage refund guarantee November 8th and the...

[Resolved] Safecart / purchase of reimage

frmichaud on Nov 5, 2017
You charged me 139.60CAD for a one year 3 co mputers for ReImage Transaction Paypal 0SM82482FJ064010W November 2, 2017 The serial numbers you provided DONT WORKS I paid for year and I have a message that my paiement is valid 47 days I want FULL REFUND not only your sofware dont solved the...

[Resolved] Safecart / I was scam money!!!

Julie Bowen on Nov 2, 2017
I am writing to complaint about you company!! It all started at in 2014, i found your company on the internet for higher speed. i asked what country i was calling. They said India. everything was good for a few years and thought they were fixing my computer and cleaning it up. I paid the...

[Resolved] Safecart / payment to safecart via paypal credit/unauthorized charges.

CherylFolmar on Oct 19, 2017
Date Transaction ID Invoice ID 6/16 2MEO7864C6641243G CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VRMRZ 2.95 6/21 2AA65761HY2619815 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW7K2AQ 24.95 7/21 7WK24040HB901683W CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-MU3EC 24.95 8/21 7ST20221DB1885530 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VCGQ7 24.95 9/21 OD369070PS229324C...

[Resolved] Safecart / service

Nakimuli on Sep 23, 2017
Today (23/9/2017) an amount of $54.97 was withdrawn from my account through PayPal by this company. I have idea who they are, what services they provide and I have never ordered anything from them. Seeing all the complaints on this website, something needs to be done about this company. I...

[Resolved] Safecart / phone register

Dwight Sonnenberg on Sep 22, 2017
Safecart charged my cart 29.95 after i only used the service once and charged me 4.95 which is all i ordered i didnt order the monthly service for 29.95. Please refund my visa card 29.95 thank you dwight sonnenberg what else is there i ordered a service for 4.95 your company charged me 4.95...

[Resolved] Safecart / spyhunter and reghunter! trying to cancel account

RobBoyes on Aug 10, 2017
I have tried to contact SafeCart to cancel an order that went through the we have NEVER used. Receipt ID: ENSG-A1305170753-07ESZ I have tried to login but their website doesn't work. It fails to show you your purchases or to log you in. If you request for your lost password no email gets sent...

[Resolved] Safecart / theft of $49.99 unauthorized from my bank account.

Jim Claiborne on Jul 22, 2017
Talked to customer service person on Friday 07/21/17 when I discovered a charge of $49.99 on my bank account. She assured me that the charge would be withdrawn the same day and put me on hold and then came back on and said the charge was taken off. I again checked my account on 07/22/17...

[Resolved] Safecart / I never subscribed to your services

sarah mercer on Jul 13, 2017
Please refund my money my name is sarah mercer you debited my account 19.95 today July 13, 2017 I DONT know how or why you debited my account for something I'm clueless about my email is smercer11@icloud.com I do no this want this subscription I do not use safecart I do not plan on using...

[Resolved] Safecart / unauthorized credit card charges

Brdar on Jul 6, 2017
Stephen Bardon MasterCard is being billed $19.99 monthly by Safecart Safecart Spar Phone 855-432-0727 BC May 08 2017 ref # 72327825 and $9.97 monthly by Safecart Privcygrd phone 855-432-0727 NE ref# 83534899 Mr Bardon has no recall or record of subscribing to either of these...

[Resolved] Safecart / money has been taken, without my permission

aarena on May 3, 2017
You have taken 36, 56 euro from my bank account. I never remembered asking you for anything. Pls refund me as soon as possible. SafeCart855-432-0727customerservice@safecart.comN° ordine commerciante.NWPC-E2810161917-19VUY-TWUPW Dettagli acquisto Importo oggetto 36, 56 EUR Pls answer to thi...

[Resolved] Safecart / spyhunter

etourneau on Apr 29, 2017
Bonjour, Le 28/04/2017, vous avez prélevé sur mon compte 41.99€. Ce logiciel a été installé pour seulement 3 mois puisque mon ordinateur a planté, en plus votre logiciel n'a servi a rien. J'ai un nouvel ordinateur mais je n'ai forcément plus votre logiciel. J'aimerai donc qu'on me rembourse...

[Resolved] Safecart / driver updater

Toni1981 on Mar 29, 2017
My Name is Tonedi Bejko. My email address is edibj25@gmail.com. I am trying to stop this service from safecart. I been charged over 120 dollars at 19.97 a month for a #### service that was suppose to fix my computer but never did. I can't use my laptop anymore. I have not been able to...

[Resolved] Safecart / safecart phone check

Charlie Peacock on Mar 23, 2017
Tried calling Safecart a couple of times, one in January and the second on March 23rd, to remove my bank charge and when I called they hung up. All I'm asking is to cancel my subscription with Safecart, and it appears that this is fraud. Fraudulent charges are against the law and if I...

[Resolved] Safecart / regcure software automatic subscription renewal

Mike Oldfield on Feb 2, 2017
I noticed a transaction on may PayPal account on 20th December to Safe cart, on investigation I discovered it was for Regcure software and was an automatic subscription renewal, as I only spotted this on around the 23rd Dec. As I no longer used or wanted this software I decided to ask for...

[Resolved] Safecart / paypal account withdrawals

Jstick555 on Feb 1, 2017
Since 1/29/16 I've had four charges taken out of my PayPal account when I've never even heard of the "Safecart company", or signed up for any of its "services". This scam has added up to $61.80 for just over a year now. I need MY money refunded ASAP before this becomes a serious legal...

[Resolved] Safecart / techutilities

Graham Beavis on Jan 17, 2017
On the 17/01/2017 my paypal account was invoiced for $59.95 us dollars. This does not belong to me and i do not use this product. I have added a copy of their receipt below. This is a rip off and i want my money refunded. Hi graham beavis, You sent an automatic payment to safecart®, which...

[Resolved] Safecart / unauthorized credit card charges

Ifshehadone on Jan 3, 2017
I have been billed 39.95 from your company. I have not done business with you. Please email me rocnasia@roadrunner.com these charges are not the first either. Looking further into my credit card payment history you've billed me 188.00 for zero services. I've seen many negative posts re...

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