Dubai Firstcredit card - fraudulent charges on my credit card against dubai first card

I hereby complaint regarding the bank statement generated for Dubai First card number [protected] under account name of Caster L. Rivera as on September 12, 2019, due to discrepancies calculation based from total payment amount due compared with retail purchase, other billing and installment plan.. It was not in Tally and wrong calculation has been made when I called from the Customer Service today 10/01/2019 around 6:30PM.. Even from the customer service itself struggling to explain how could not match the total payment due. Based on the generated statement i have to pay AED4, 436.78, however, when i was calculating all retail expenses and installment, etc. In detailed the overall charges should be AED3, 687.20.. I was asking the customer service to explain how could there will be difference of AED749.58 since it was included from the statement the overlimit charges of AED275..
Please note that I have previous overlimit transactions but it was never happened this kind of huge descripancies.. please refer on enclosed previous statement dated 06/12/2019 comparing the current statement 09/12/2019.The customer service did not provide client number for your information. We request to generate the updated statement before my due date 10/07/2019.

Please response on email at cindy.[protected] / [protected]

Looking forward on your immediate action and result on this matter.

Caster Rivera

Dubai First
Dubai First

Oct 01, 2019

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