Dubai Firstcredit shield charges

S Sep 05, 2018

I would like to raise my concern regarding Dubai First's practice of activating products without rightful authorization from its customers, and repeatedly charging us for the same, despite repeated requests to opt out of the service.

I was informed that the insurance charges were pre-enrolled on my account and this was part of the bank's ‘vague' terms and conditions. This is an unfair practice, as it was not clearly mentioned on the application form and neither was explained by the sales person. Later, I received a call from another representative, who unsuccessfully spent about 20 minutes explaining to me the ‘good and useful features' of the credit shield and accident insurance. Unmoved by his explanations, I still opted out of the service, and eventually, I was told that the credit shield and accident insurance fees would not be reversed.

I again contacted the call centre and after numerous attempts, managed to speak to a representative. The representative informed me that there was no request for the cancellation of the credit shield insurance reflected in the system. He informed that he could not cancel the insurance and also refused to reverse the charges, since the charges, once billed, could not be reversed, even if they were wrongly charged to us.

Dubai First is expected to follow a certain code of conduct. Transparency and the need for customers to be informed in a clear way should be a priority. The bank must treat its customers fairly. In this situation, the bank failed to exercise these values and kept charging the wrong fee and willing to loose customer just for little amount.

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