DTE Energyelectric bill

A Aug 17, 2018

We recently moved into a 2 bed 2 bath 1, 300 sq ft condo. When we received our first bill which was only 2.5 weeks of billing, it was $280! That seemed high to me so I made sure to keep a close eye on the electricity use in our house. I just received our second bill and it was for the full 4 week billing cycle. It states that we used 2, 500 KW for tha cycle and that is a 174% increase from the average usage is. I'm not sure how that can be, we are a family of 3 that is not home 5 days out of the week until after 6:30 pm and then gone again early in the mornings. Our thermostat is set to 80 degrees when we are not home in an effort to save money on our electric bill (hahaha 🙄)

When I called DTE, the customer service rep told me that my reading was an actual reading, not an estimate so it can't be wrong...she then proceeded to tell me to unplug my TVs in the house prior to leaving to help save energy! That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard! I moved here from AZ where it is hot almost year round and my AC was left low-72 degrees day and night and my electric bill never reached as high as it has out here with DTE. Something is not right!!! I'm not sure how I go about getting this issue resolved. I can tell you that I refuse to pay that kind of money...guess I'll be living in the dark until it is fixed

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