DriveTime Automotive Groupvehicle repairs and shoddy business practice

J Dec 10, 2019

My husband purchased a 2009 Ford Flex at Drivetime. It ran for 8 months we thought with no problems. In October of 2019, we had to take it to the mechanic of course it was not one the Warranty company wanted us to take it too, but we were not driving the vehicle over 50 miles to where they wanted it nor were we having it towed since they were only going to reimburse us 75 dollars for over a 300 tow. Upon inspection the control module for the fan assembly quit working, that's understandable. But then the next thing found wrong is that the transmission was failing fluid was full but burnt. along with that the control arm boot was torn on the drivers side and the sway bar links on the passenger side needed replaced. That right there should of been dealt with immediately before selling the car. No codes came up when checking the transmission. After month we received car back. Not even a month have we had it we now have to take back for repairs for the same problem.

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