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Dress BarnPayment Harrassment

I paid the balance due in full after the due date. I received over 4 phone calls a day even after I told them I paid in full.

This is total harassment and a violation of the FDCPA.
This company needs to be sued for harrassment.

I have documented each and every call.
The calls came from multiple area codes [protected]) and caller ID names, WFN Natl Bank, Kansas City KS, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville OH and ADS.

Does anyone know a great attorney that will sue this company!


  • Pi
    Piper May 19, 2009

    Dress Barn is horrible, terrible, awful in every respect. Dress Barn treats their employees like crap. What can you say about an organization that still makes their employees use STICK FIGURES to keep tract of items. Yes, STICK FIGURES! Dress Barn just blatantly disrespects their employees. Management is cheap, cheap, cheap beyond cheap. Miserly. Dress Barn promotes all these contests for their employees, harrass you day and night to sell, sell, sell, then when the contest is over you get something like a lunch bag. Nothing that has any worth. They are dishonest, working in their stores other sales people steal your sales. Nasty, arrogant, rude, unkind, insulting. Being a prostitute would be a step up from Dress Barn. They put their sales people under unspeakable torture to open charge's beat into the employee all day long. The store I worked in had none of the legal documents that needed to be given to the customer at the time the account was opened. The only thing worse than dealing with Dress Barn or shopping there is working for Dress Barn. Nothing good to say about Dress Barn. Moo-Moo

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  • Mi
    missingthepoint Jul 19, 2009

    Dress Barn didn't use to be this way. However, much is too true now. They will do anything to make the customer happy. They fail to realize how much money their employees give back through their own purchases!

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  • We
    wendymike Mar 30, 2011

    Same type of thing happened to me, used the card never received even one bill or phone call which at time was given when applying for the card!, forgot about, 5 years later a credit agency sends a letter of collection, $143 with $110 in late fees, it's strange how even have moved 2 times the credit collection company could find us with no problems, they even had my must resent phone number! so i paid the bill $150. received a notice of payment from them, one year later another credit agency called for the same debt! called dress barn very rude and not helpful, actually clueless!
    pretty much my problem take care it!

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