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Where do I start? Dates are hard to provide cause it's been over such a long period of time. Sometime around May 2019 I submitted multiple claims for warranty to which just about all of them went unanswered. I resubmitted each claim again stating so cause no one responds to the claims. Eventually someone responded and set up dates to be repaired. Some showed, others didn't, no calls or anything, just a no show. I re submitted those claims and no responses again. I then emailed in a complaint about how horrible their treatment of a half million dollar home buyer was and bang, I got a call from Jackie Sprauge. She was so nice, assured me it would all be taken care of, and went over every claim one by one and set up a date for them all to come out and repair them. Well, one guy showed, the others, including a representative from DR Horton themselves, never called or showed. I sat around waiting and wasting my time for nothing. So, I did what anyone would do, I re submitted all those claims not handled and guess what, no answer, no response, no "hey sir, we got your claim but we're very busy but be assured we will get back to you very soon". Nope, nothing, nadda, zero, just a blank email and claim submission that for all I knew was deleted. So, a week after no response I emailed back and advised DR Horton that these were my last emails and that after this I would just come up to the Tampa office, and in my own words, straighten this [censored] out, cause no one was answering or responding to my emails. I also stated that I would come up there and we would figure this all out on why no one was responding to me right in the lobby where all the new buyers would be waiting to close on their new homes. Well, I then received a very quick call back from DR Horton, but not at first to try to help their half million dollar customer but to threaten legal action for me threatening their office and employees ! Yes sir, no joke. After explaining that the email said no such thing and no threats other than coming up there to get anyone to hear my problems and fix what should be fixed was explained did we move on to my issues. We'll see if the new scheduled date to meet will be honored but I will say this, being retired law enforcement and military and having the time on my hands, I will do as much as I can to spread the word about DR Horton and how horrible they treat their customers on top of the quick fast cheaply built homes they make. Sure they are a huge builder but that's all on our backs, the customers they forget right after closing! I will meet with as many realtors as possible as well as try to obtain my realtor license just so I can advise prospective home buyers to avoid DR Horton! Trust me, if you are on the fence on buying a DR Horton home, please trust me, please, do not buy it. No matter how much you like it or the price, do not buy it, you will regret it. Time for the big builder on the block to get back to customer service or deal with every bad complaint that can be mustered up. That's my goal

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    I document everything and I WILL go to Tampa, pretty soon cause even after they responded to my complaints and sent someone out to check all the issues, I haven't once again heard from them at all, and that's going on almost 3 weeks ! I will not let them off the hook though, I lived up to my part of the contract which was to pay, now they will live up to theirs and warranty everything that is broken. After my Tampa visit I will obtain legal counsel and pursue it that way.


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      Jul 26, 2019

    We are having this same issue! Roof repair needed for 6 months now no answer. Issues with the electric wiring had to hire outside to fix it. Plus other issues including getting a recalled part replaced! Its ridiculous

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