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A door was ordered 30/9/08 for delivery and fitting 9/10/08, as we had appointments it was ordered as 1st job and we were told the carpenter would be at our home at approx 8am. When no one arrived by 9.30 I rang the company who told me the job had been allocated to the 3rd job. No contact by the company/carpenter had been made. We were told the capenter would be at our home at around 11am, we told them we couldn't be here as that was the time of our appointment, the company were able to contact the capenter to cancel our time, but could not give us another time the same day. They wanted to charge extra for cancelling the order. We asked if the carpenter could come later in the day, but were told he was South of the city and would not criss cross. Ringing the 'Head Office' in Sydney again we came across unbending people, but this time we could get the door fitted in the afternoon. The capenter rang and told us he was one suburb away and could be at our home shortly.
It seems funny that this could be done when you push the companies. We were told lies by the manager of the local store and the 'policy' of the company appears is that there is no customer service.


  • Jo
    John Dec 02, 2008

    I absolutely agree with this and would strongly recommend steering clear of this immature, vile, incompetent, abusive, irrespectful, non accountable company who really need to grow up! Contact me for further details.

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  • Gr
    Greg Feb 24, 2009

    I totally agree with John, they are unwilling to accept fault in any situation & I was even accused of deliberately damaging our door to try & get money from them. They are rude, sarcastic & a number of other words I cant really type on here.


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  • Sc
    scottrob Jul 29, 2009

    i contracted for them hanging doors . i was their for 3 weeks and did not get paid one cebt . and am now starting leagal procedings against the store .oin osbourne park perth. they are the rudest people i have ever dealt with .. they are all con men stay well clear ...

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  • Am
    a munday Dec 12, 2009

    We purchased bi-fold doors and paid $2390 on finance. We have only had them over a year and we have had tradesman out (who was very creepy) 3 times to fix the doors that he installed in the first place. Now we have noticed one of our so called 500% stronger glass rose panel is shattered yet no one has knocked it. The only thing that we have done is open and close the door. We believe that the crack was already in the door and just got worse over time. We are very disappointed with these doors. Have sent letter to company but no response. Am sending second one but don't expect any good service. Will never deal with this company again and I will never recommend them to anyone. For a company that has been around for 20 years, they should have better people skills and provide excellent service, which they definitely do not do. I am disgusted with this company. We too had to wait a long time for installation, even though we were told they would take 3-4 weeks. It was months before they were ready. We were so cross. The tradesman who installed the doors was very creepy. Did not like him at all. Have never felt this way about any tradesperson before. These doors are not as good as the doors we had on before. We had old fashioned sliding doors but you know these doors were stronger than the bi-folds we have now. We never had any glass breakages in the whol 30 years we had them on. Wish we had kept these. Will never buy anything from Doors Plus again. They are cheats and just take peoples money. I believe they just give people doors in the store. I don't believe they are made interstate, which is what we were told. The glass rose we have is just a sticker. My husband pointed it out tonight. You put trust in people like this only to be burned. Never deal with this company. Make sure friends, family know. They just take money and don't care about the service they provide.

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  • St
    Strathfield Feb 19, 2010

    I've odrdered the door with a commitment to fix the door with in 10days. Total time took 4 months to fix the door after 50 phone calls and raising to ACC(Full house can be constructed in 4 months). Doorsplus has no commitment to fix the door after the advance is paid and No system to track the order. I strongly agree that Doors plus is High Fuss, Unprofessional, irrespectful, disorganised, unaccountable. I can't see any positive about this company and never ever go to this company again. It is very surprise to me why they call it as Australia's leading? Its is fack statement to attract customer. I guarentee no one will ever go to this company again - It is dead company and soon will close. Keep a note they don't send invoices after payment is made - another crap thing.

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  • Ca
    Catherine S Mar 30, 2010

    We bought doors from Doors Plus in January and they offered to hold them for us until March when we needed them for the house we were building. (All the doors were in stock.) When we were ready for them we were told we would be short 4 doors, no apology, no explanation, despite our buying them three months before. When we calmly and politely asked what had happened and when the doors would arrived, the store manager became petchulant like a child, rude and hung up. We rang back and said, hang on, we're not in the wrong here, you are, and getting upset about it isn't helping the situation, can you please just calmly tell us what is happening with our door delivery? We would strongly recommend all Doors Plus staff attend training in people skills.

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  • Ri
    ripped_off101 Apr 14, 2010

    i recently dealt with the Doors Plus St Peters store in Sydney and was told that all my internal doors would be at a cost of $2400 painted. I asked the salesman for a breakdown of costs and was told that the fitting charges would be approx $150 per door. The doors themselves were only $139 on in the showroom. I told the salesman this was unreasonable and he said that if i purchased the doors from him that he will do the installation at $100 a door but would not give a receipt for this... I am now wondering how the sales people in the store spent the money and whether or not the money actually made it into the till. Doors Plus So Bloody Suss.

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