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not getting my food network magazine

I have not received my food network magazine this month it has been on the news stand for about a week already this is only the second month of this so called service . I go to my mail box daily any way, never asked for this service I don't use my front door . Wonder where it is and how will it be delivered in winter. I don't believe I have to have a minimum number of words to lodge a complaint this whole idea is crazy. All other news papers in the area delivered by mail

magazine delivery

This service claims it is easier so customers don't have to walk out to their mailbox. My mailbox is right at...

DoorFront Direct

magazine delivery

I'm very unhappy with your service. I haven't been receiving my magazines from Elle or Harpers Bazaar each month like I'm supposed to. Some months they're in front of my door and other months they're not. I would like to cancel and start receiving them in my mailbox again. I was receiving them in my mailbox each month. I'm not receiving them at my front door, either they are not being delivered or someone is taking my magazines. It is not fair because I paid for a two year subscription for Elle magazine and Harper's Bazaar magazine. I should get what I paid for each month.

magazine delivery

8/6/2019 Who's bright idea was this? I pay for my magazine subscriptions and expect them to be delivered to my mailbox, not my driveway that is next to the mailbox!! My magazine was wet because it had rained while I was at work. This is not a good idea at all. I pay good money for my magazines, I don't want them thrown in my driveway while the free local magazines and advertisements are placed in my mailbox? There's something wrong here! I don't like this nor do I appreciate the lack of respect for paying customers!

magazine delivery
magazine delivery

hgtv and food network magazine delivery

Like many of the reviews I have read here, I too have been a "victim" of very, very poor delivery service. Up until today my magazines were delivered by my very consiencious mailman (he is a man, by the way)

My magazines were delivered very early today, or very late last night. When my husband went to get the paper this morning he found the magazines in front of my vehicle, in the driveway.
Having my magazines delivered to my driveway, not the doorfront as advertised, is a huge problem in Florida. It rains at all different times here, and it rained last night/early this AM. Needless to say the magazines were soaked by the rain and ruined. I am not in the habit of paying good money for worthless merchandise. I will be contacting the magazine companies and cancelling my subscription if they feel this an appropriate way to treat their customers

magazine left in driveway

I started receiving one of my magazines by Doorfront Direct about 6 months ago. I never asked for the service and have never been given the option to discontinue the service. Never once was my magazine left on my doorstep. Instead they have been left in my driveway or on the ground next to my mailbox. My magazines have been ruined by the sprinklers and by rain. I do not understand how this makes receiving my magazines easier. In fact, it has only been more complicated as my magazines are left on the ground and are now ruined.


I find this service to be completely unnecessary (and may I add useless) since they state:

"Doorfront is a convent new way for you to receive magazine and catalogs ON YOUR DOORSTEP!

DoorfrontDirect saves you time since you don't have to walk out to your mailbox"

My magazine is delivered to my newspaper box, which is NEXT to my mailbox - so I DO still have to walk to my mailbox for my magazine and therefore this service does NOT save me "time".

In fact I often walk to my mailbox twice on the days when the magazine is delivered since it does not arrive at the same time as the mail.

So what is the purpose of this service??

crappy magazine delivery service

Seems I'm not the only one-Thought the FOOD NETWORK magazine under my car was trash until I saw my name/address.
Looks like the publishers are trying to save a few pennies by using a (crappy) deilvery service instead of US mail bulk rate.
Sent an email to Door Front but not expecting an answer since I;m seeing same complaints
Going cancel all my magazines using this service

delivery service of country living magazine

This is not delivered anywhere near my front door, nor do I want a stranger at my door in the middle of the night/extremely early morning. Why can't I just get it placed in my dry mailbox like the rest of my mail. My magazines keep getting ruined by the torrential Florida summer rains. I have tried to submit a request for a replacement as well as file a complaint on the Doorfront Direct website but I get an error message each time. There is no phone number to be found anywhere for this company. Very frustrating!

magazines are never @ door soaking wet

I am stopping my Food Network subscription due to the use of DoorFront Direct. The magazines are never on my doorstep. Today, magazine even though covered with plastic is soaking wet from being placed in my sprinkler system pathway.
Finding no telephone number to discuss this situation only supports the company's unwillingness to address issues. Hopefully the industry will look @ the tract record of a very misnamed organization.

delivery of food network not at doorfront

First I would like to say that this so called service that you provide is not a service. Your description is totally incorrect. Throwing this Food Network magazine five feet from my doorstep, is not on my doorstep. This magazine was thrown on my lawn sometime on Monday morning 8/5/2019 totally wet. It was the September issue. If the client number is #FNM1089464554/5 # OOH21 or 0428 044C3LY that is the only information that I can see. I would like a replacement issue for September 2019.

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    BT7 Nov 25, 2019

    Just received my first direct doorfront delivery which was delivered at the end of my driveway along with the morning paper, and not at my front door. I'm not sure how this is going to work, because if it comes with the paper, sometimes the paper is thrown on the lawn or lands partially in the street.

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door front direct delivery service

I can't stand this door front direct service, last month it was sitting out in the rain, today August 5, 2019 it was in the dirt next to my mailbox by the curb, no such thing as door front with this company, I will no longer order HGTV or Food Network magazines, if this is the brilliant idea to give us better service, it stinks. I would rather have it delivered by the post office and put in my mailbox instead of on the ground by the street.

doorfront direct

Magazines are thrown on the street end of the driveway. Early this morning (August 5) it rained, and the magazine (food network magazine) is soaked through and through. It is certainly not "doorfront direct" and pretty shoddy service. I realize that this is a minor issue, but when you're paying for something, you should receive it as expected, not ruined.

doorfront direct is a crappy "delivery service"

They claim its a way to receive magazines "at my doorstep". Complete damned LIE! I used to get the magazines delivered IN my mailbox which is mounted on the wall next to my front door. I don't have a mailbox at the curb. Now I'm finding my magazines TOSSED IN THE STREET in front of my house. In puddles and driven over. Simple solution is I'm cancelling all my subscriptions that use this crap service and get a refund for the balance. They LIE and say it "saves me time" by not having to walk to my mailbox. Again - I DO NOT have a mailbox at the curb - it's 1 foot from the front door on the wall. I now have to walk all the way to the street to retrieve wet, soggy magazines that have been driven over. Complete load of crap and a great way to loose subscribers.

[Resolved] the oprah magazine

Last week July 22nd, I just received the May edition of this Oprah magazine. Mothers Day edition. Really? I was in SHOCK to say the least. And where is the June, July and August editions? Cause I haven't seen anything and don't know if I received the April edition. I Thought it expired... I notified the magazine and they told me I am paid through 2020 and they told me to go online and enter this complaint.

the oprah magazine
the oprah magazine

  • DoorFront Direct's response · Aug 01, 2019

    Dear Ms. Baw,
    My apologies for your delivery experience.
    If you'll kindly email me ([email protected]), we'll resolve your issue ASAP.
    Thank you,
    Randall Brant

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

multiple magazines

I started receiving magazines tossed at the end of my driveway a couple months ago...which is nowhere in the vicinity of my "door front", which is completely unobstructed and can be reached by walking up the driveway and adjacent walkway. With all the rain lately, I typically come home to find a soggy, wet pile of mush. While I would rather NOT receive my magazines in this manner at all and was perfectly happy for them to be in my mailbox, if I have to keep this service (which I never asked for) then at least put them on the front porch, PLEASE!

  • So
    south blvd girl Jan 18, 2020

    I paid to have my magazines mailed to my home where the mail slot is in my front door. The December and January issues of over 6 magazines were either missing or were received late. I HATE this service. Go back to mail delivery PLEASE.

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magazine “delivery”

I'm a longtime subscriber to various Hearst magazines. This morning I was surprised to find 2 magazines in the soil next to my driveway. Upon reading the insert, I learned that this was the new Doorfront Direct service. I agree with the commenter above. I would much rather receive my magazines in the mailbox. This stinks. Oh, and when I tried to submit a request through the Doorfront Direct website, I got a computer runtime error. What kind of lousy fly-by-night business is this? Shame on Hearst.

  • Bi
    bigald Jul 29, 2019

    my gq magazine was thrown in driveway i had to walk 12 feet past my mailbox to get it.i paid for delivery .my door is on 2nd floor.i paid for delivery so why is it it i have to walk past my mailbox down my driveway to get my magazine.i live on 2nd floor and you have to walk upstairs to get to my door.also are you going to replace a copy of magazine ruined by the weather.

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  • Bi
    bigald Jul 29, 2019

    and you ask me to verify that i am not a robot.and say click on all buses in picture only it was and rv lol

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    mary kiepe Aug 05, 2019

    I would much rather get my magazines from a mailbox, rain and snow and irregular delivery just not what I bargained for.

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oprah magazine

I am an Oprah Magazine subscriber. The last two months my magazine has been delivered by door front direct except it is not delivered to my door front. It is left at the curb of my driveway down by the street. I am angry that my Oprah magazine is delivered this way. I will be contacting them and letting them know of my dissatisfaction. I do not like that my magazine is left on the sidewalk down by the street. I would prefer it to be placed in my mailbox or actually on my porch if your company claims to be doorfront direct.

magazines delivered to end of driveway.

[protected] once again vogue is in the driveway. I did not take pictures, my bad. Also on other dates O is in...


I did not ask for this service i DO NOT WANT any magazines from this or any company! Some guy was at my home...

DoorFront Direct