Domo Gasoline Corporationcustomer service

T Nov 17, 2019

Went to fill up my tank as I have done for a few years at the same service station today at approx 4:15 PST. The station is busy because a fuel truck is there and is taking up one of the four gas pumps. There is only one attendant. The attendant finally gets to us and proceeds to tell me that I am on the wrong side to get gas because the tank is on the other side. Typically this is not an issue but with all stalls full and a tanker truck in the way this was not really a concern for me. At most other stations the hoses can stretch the distance required no matter what side your tank is on, and this has been done at this station several times in the past. The attendent tells me he can't do it. I tell him he is being ridiculous because you can see the stretchy cord that allows the hose to move farther from the pump. He then proceeds to tell me to watch my mouth and then has the audacity to ask me what I said to begin with because English is NOT his first language. At this point I am not happy. I told him to watch his mouth and told him his customer service skills are atrocious. I left without gas and I will not be going back to the station again. The service is getting very bad at this station. This is the only Domo in my area...just saying.

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