Dollar Rent A Car / car rental overcharges

This is my ongoing story of their counter staff falsely informing me of ‘mandatory policies' That I must agree to pay for or else I won't get my vacation car.
"My confirmation number is J11746998F3
I have been asked to send you a private message to discuss my complaint. I emailed full details of my complaint in but nobody was interested in dealing with it.
I came over on vacation from the UK, and clearly made it obvious that I was a UK citizen, I was quoted a price that I was told didn't need anything else adding to it. Then when I got to the counter a very forceful woman told me that I must purchase additional insurances and that I wasn't eligible for the price I was quoted and charged more than double what was remaining on the loan. I questioned it at the time but was told that my price was only valid for US citizens and not for overseas visitors. I feel as though I have been robbed, and sold a false story of what I could have. Had I realised that this was how you operated your business, then I would have used another company. I've only chosen to use Facebook to complain as you have ignored m for a week now through usual channels
Thank you for providing me with this information, Damon. I understand your frustration and would like to look into this for you. May I please ask for your full name and relationship to the primary renter on the reservation? -Zach
My name is damon preston and I am the primary renter
Thank you, Damon. Our team will be looking into this for you and will update you in this DM thread as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we review your concerns. -Zach
I await your response. How long do you think it will take your team to investigate?
I also have pay by plate tolls to settle from my return to the airport as there was no other way to get there other than on the toll road, and I can't access information on how to pay them fl fore you add even more charges. I didn't buy your service as I only needed it for the last hour of my holiday and didn't want to be charged for 16 days just for that small section of my trip
Hello Damon. I sincerely regret any misunderstanding. After reviewing your concerns, I can confirm the daily rate quoted did not change. However, the service for Liability Insurance Supplement is optional and was accepted on your rental agreement. The charged billed are correct and no refund is warranted. -Ross
I am not happy with your explanation. The liability insurance was not optional as your staff member told me that it was mandatory that I take it as I was not allowed to take the vehicle without it as I was from the UK. She also said that I had to sign the documents to accept the charge or I could not have the car. She also tried afterwards to pressure me into paying even more for the fully comprehensive policy for yet another $600, the charge is not correct as I was given no choice but to take that policy, and you have now confirmed that the woman behind the counter blatantly lied about it to me to make me pay extra. I can only assume that she gets bonuses for all the extra charges they sell. The process is disgusting and this response from you just goes to show how that the issue is systemic throughout your organisation. Your delays look like another excuse to not own up to the shady practices that your company operates. If you are not willing to give me back the forced sold charged then I have no choice but to make this situation public so that no others suffer this level of deceit and theft of their highly valued "Dollars"
Damon, I assure you that your concerns have been noted and forward to the appropriate management team for further internal review. Unfortunately, we are unable to reconstruct a conversation that takes place at the rental counter so we must rely on the signed contract. While this is not the preferred resolution, we do hope you can understand our position regarding this matter. -LuciAnna
No I do not understand or accept your position. You are basically calling me a liar, to suggest that the conversation did not take place and that the signature that I was told I had no choice but to sign by your staff member or else I would not get the car whilst my wife and 2 small daughters waited with all our vacation luggage is the only method of verifying what took place. Your standpoint allows your staff free reign to rip off all customers for as much as they choose to with no risk of repercussion as you will always side with them with the standpoint that the signature confirms they behaved appropriately and not in the deceitful and underhand manner I which they do in fact operate. I am truly disgusted that in a country which prides itself on customer service you allow such practices to take place freely and with the full support of the organisation. I will pursue this to whoever I need to to ensure this practice is exposed and your staff acknowledged as the deceitful people they are, and your organisations happy support and encouragement by way of commissions of their behaviour"

This is ongoing as all they do is ignore what I say, then make me wait at least 24 hours for a response regardless of how quickly intent to them
now I find out that despite my asking you numerous times about paying the damn tolls before you rip me offf even more for that too, you've ignored every single request for that information and now taken another £35 from me for a $6 toll!!!
When will you stop taking my money, and which authority governs your activities?, clearly you are all working there to delay my complaints long enough to take all my money. I demand to speak with a senior manager and I also demand to know which authority regulates your activities so that I can raise a formal complaint about your entire organisation with them also. I cannot express how enraged I am with you all right now, you are all utter thieves and I am sickened by your activities. You have absolutely no shame or morals!!'

Sep 10, 2019

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