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I have tired to get s ome help with our home with Greentree and they claim that they have no modification plan. My payments have gone up, and we are having a hard time paying the payments, and I have tried getting help and greentree does not want to give me any kind of help. we live on a fixed income and what job s I have had are hard to come by.

mortgage not going down rude when I fell behind threatning phone calls

I fell behind on mortgage due to hardship and unemployed. Greentree called after a problem incurred with bank...

Mortgage Delays

I previously applied for a mortgage with DiTech in 2006 and had no issues. I applied again with them in 2009. They assured me that they could close on my property within 30 days assuming I supplied them with all the necessary documentation. It has now been almost 45 days and we still have yet to close. They continuously ask me for the same documents that were already sent to them weeks ago (apparently they can't locate them). They scheduled an appraisal on my property which for some reason, did not get completed, and were not aware that their appraiser didn't complete it until I called 8 days later to check on the report. They then order it again and tell me it will be expedited (24 hours). 4 Four days later and it finally gets back to them. Today they call again and tell me they are "missing" documents and need me to resend to them which I do immediately. I rented my home out assuming that DiTech could close on the property within the 30 days. My tenant moved in after 42 days and I am now stuck living in a hotel waiting for these people to close on the property. When you call, you can never get an answer. The file is always being reviewed by someone.

Damage Resulting
My family and I have had to place our items in storage ($300), have had to stay in a motel now for more than 2 weeks ($2, 000) and will have to pay the moving company to pick up stuff from storage ($600). Every passing day, the economic consequences grow.

  • Sc
    Scott1971 Oct 06, 2009

    It appears that you made the decision to incur these expenses before your loan actually closed. Never a wise idea, nothing is guaranteed and you do not actually have a loan until the money is in your account.

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Glenda Turner

I started renting this house on a rent to own basis in October, 2007. I started paying the owners of the house and then in March, 2008 I started paying their mortgage payments directly to Green Tree Financial. They brought me foreclosure papers in the owners name and then Green Tree told me that if I paid 4000.00 they would stop the forclosure and promised me that they would put the paperwork in my name. I gave them permission to automatically withdraw my payments .They also told me there were back taxes owed on the house and that I was responsible. So I agreed to pay a little extra on my payments to start paying the taxes. Then at the end of 2008 they took double payments out for 3 months straight saying that I was delinquent. So I cancelled the automatic withdraw and they accepted 3 months and then retuned the next 2 months. Now the house is back up for a trustee sale in the owners name. They also told me that if I paid them another 4000.00 they would stop the sale again. I have paid over 16000.00 in the last 18 months and that isn't including the foreclosure or back tax payments. They have harrassed, threatened and made me have a nervous breakdown.. I am a 70 year old woman on a fixed income that is guaranteed every month, never been delinquent on my payments and I have tried everything to work with these people and they wont cooperate.

Awful experience

We will be in court soon. They came to my boyfriends house broke in pulled my dog out with a catch pole chased my cats, and said they all were going to the pound to be put down. Thank God I showed up, but the sheriff said I had 1/2 an hour to get what I could then I would be locked out, and I could call Kriss wade to get the rest of my things. Well this all happened on 3-9-09 I'm still waiting now we are going to court to get our things. They ransacked our home took pictures of our things and violated our 4th and 14 th amendment rights plus they won't let me get my fish out so they will be charged with animal crulety also. We have had it with all there accounting games.They can have the house we do not want it we just want them to quit holding our things hostage and get out of our lives.People you need to stand up to them and hold your ground~!!

  • Ba
    B.A. Bolin Sep 24, 2013

    Steven Kirby is an account representative with Greentree Financial Corp. He calls when the payment is 2 DAYS late! It seems He has a personal vendetta against anyone who WILL at least pay their bill every month and will NOT take NO for an answer.They feel they have the right to call you when you are 1 day late. If you have got a loan from these guys you need to REFINANCE WITH SOMEONE ELSE AND GET OUT NOW !!! They are the worst Financial Institution out there. Maybe we can HARASS HIM ? His employee reference number is 64309 and his Direct number is 1800-234-7101. Pease call repeatedly as he likes HARASSMENT. I wonder how he even managed to get a job with his nasty attitude toward people even though we might be 2 days or maybe even 10 days late or even more, we are their customers and deserve decent treatment. I drive a truck at night and DO NOT LIKE BEING WOKE UP EVERY HOUR! His boss is named Nick and pretty much condones this attitude of condescension towards customers. It would be outstanding if their boss, or maybe the head of the company knew what is REALLY being said to their customers.( It is supposedly on tape somewhere?)

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You sold my mortgage loan to Green Tree Servicing LLC, and they are trying to collect monies from me that was taken care of through you back in 2003. They are telling me that you reported some legal fees on my account.

Online scam

I had a home equity line of credit with Ditech since 2004. In that time I have never been late or missed a payment. I currently owe them $7, 000 from a $25, 000 credit line. After sending them my March payment of $1, 000 I received a letter stating my account was suspended. After contacting them they had said we missed a Feb. payment, which is an absolute lie. We sent the payment! After questioning them why they would cancel an account that has never been late or delinquent before they basically said because it's their right to do so. Needless to say I took this up with a supervisor, who finally admitted that it wasn't really about missing a payment but instead it was because of the country's current mortgage situation. It was completely observed that you would cut off the credit line to the people who actually pay their bills. As far as I know, they probably held the Feb. check or destroyed it so they had the excuse to cancel my credit line. I told them this is why GM/GMAC and anything affiliated with them is slowly dieing. Do yourselves a favor - stay away from these ###s. If this is the way the GM organization does business I can understand why they keep begging for federal bail out funds, like the street tramps they are, rattling their tin cups for a hand out. Go with reputable banks, IF you can find one. This is my entire opinion of this organization, and I hope by reading this it will save you some aggravation.

Scam charges

My home loan has been paid off and overpaid by $54500.00 I have contacted them numerous times and all they say is they are researching why the money has not been refunded. It has been forty days since they have received my money. They will not return calls and are not understanding at all. If I would have been this late on a loan payment they would have evicted me and reported me to the credit bureau. This is the worst company I have ever seen, do not get a loan from them. My original loan was with Bank Of America and they sold the loan to guarantee. If your mortgage company sells your loan to this company. Call them immediately and refuse the transfer due to this companies reputation. Greentree takes advantage of people and should be stopped.

  • Ar
    Arkansas5 Apr 16, 2012

    I have been paying on this loan of $34000.00 for 18 years and i still owe principal balance of $22491.86 . They have been very rude and harrassing . I feel they are taking way more of my money than they should i feel i am being ripped off i have paid them well over 60000.00 . I do not know how to get proof of how much i have paid and what it has all been for i would like to know how to find out. And i don't have insurance with them anymore but they are still charging me for insurance . PLEASE HELP

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  • Aw
    Awiseone Mar 07, 2013

    I need help to Green Tree has came up with some new fees and a corporate balance that they say they are filing papers to fore close on my home when they can't not provide me proof or paper work to back up the changes. Class Action suit NEEDS To be filed .. They are harassing me and family member constantly!! Please contact me at [email protected] yahoo.com

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  • Vi
    VictimsOfGreenTree Apr 04, 2013

    Please check out these support group sites...



    Also submit the complaint to CFPB, and they will contact Green Tree for the matter...


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I notified Green Tree that my husband was in a car wreck in Sept. I told them that he is working, but not full time due to his injuries. They gave me a number to call and I can not get thru to a human to see if he took out insurance in case of an accident.
We are trying to keep our payments up, but we're slow because of his hours being cut. They are now calling us 3 to 4 times a week and on the weekends.
Isn't this called harrassment?
Sure could use some help. We have a lawsuit going against the company that the person was insured thru, but this takes time.

  • Th
    ThreeD Apr 30, 2009

    I know what you mean. Green Tree has been harrassing my Mom and Dad for years and it pisses me off! I have read where 100's of people have complained and this company is still allowed to do this?! This is ridiculous! This country is becoming pathetic to let people like this harrass others. Is there ANYTHING that can be done?

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  • Bi
    bigmodey1 May 10, 2011

    last month bank of america sold our 2nd loan on our house. paid my first payment, then this month called my husband at work being extremely rude and saying we were very late hahahaha! NOT ! I paid on the 8th my grace period gives me to the 16th . i have never recieved a phone call from boa 5 years that we have had the loan until these people took the loan . my credit is great to possibly excellent. I am soooo pissed off ... never in my life . i called and talked to 2 people both being rude up until they seen i have good paying history ohhhhh then they tried to say they didnt say this and that ... well i told them they better hit the rewind button on the recorded phone call cause i know exactly what they said... luckily i will be trying to refinance away from these crooks . i will help with whatever anyone wants as far as a statement on this companies rude horible ethics... this company needs to be shut down ...

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Re-fi loan 60 days in no closing yet!

I stared a re-fi process will GMAC/ Ditech in the beginning of January. My loan agent was great but the processor and her boss both lacked some serious customer service skills. At the end od January after leaving repeated messages for processor and boss I got so frustrated and called my agent back. She apologized for the trouble and found the info I was requesting. Needless to say it is March 20 to date and I am just speaking with the boss of the processor. I agree with everyone else's complaints. There is no follow-up and the different departments don't know what the other is doing. I had been told my loan was in underwriting since February 15 and every week they need something else. Now, the last piece of info needed is something about the appraisal. They didn't even contact the manager of that department until she was on the phone with me. Why should I have to call for them to do their jobs!! Lesson learned for me.

holding check

On the 24 Febuary 2009 I sent green tree a check for final payoff. On the 9 march I checked the webb site to...

awful company

I'm going to try to be brief because I have just finished writing a long letter to them...now trying to find the names of their executives online is proving frustrating, but I'll get there.

It started with me sending a fax of my proof of insurance. Someone must have misplaced my paperwork and that's where the snowball begins. Since that day in August, I have spoken with approximately 4 people, received an e-mail reply from 1, received more letters and analyzes than I can count and they have taken money out, put it back in, sent me disbursement checks, reanalyzed my account, but it appears that no one knows what they are doing. One person tells me the problem is fixed, then I get more letters, and a call from collections, so obviously the problem is not fixed.

The point is, rather than be nice and put my account back to where it was before one of their employees misplaced my paperwork, they continue to move things around, and the end result is that even though my taxes went down my a few hundred dollars, and I was promised my payment would go down $20 a month, I now receive a letter that all those 'overage' disbursement checks they sent me have now created a 'SHORTAGE' and I now will have to make payments of $14 more than what I originally started with. I think the workers are inept and I am tired of being punished for their numerous mishandling of my account.

  • Al
    Al Smith Feb 09, 2009

    Yes, it looks like there may be an internal interdepartmental communication problem going on there. The people you were talking to may have been from different departments and if they are not documenting the comments properly on the computer, may not know what the other department told you. I would suggest to get a handle on the situation, request a copy of your full history statement be sent to you. A full history statement will include everything from the beginning of the loan to present. When you receive it you will have a history of all transactions on your account that has ever been made. This way you can see when the problem started. Now when you call them back, ask them to bring up the history on their computer and now you have an equal playing field to follow along as they explain the various transactions in the problem months. I know that you are frustrated, but when you call back, try to have a calm voice and be nice. Usually the first person that you get is the customer service rep. They are verbally abused all day every day and to have a kind voice may be just what they need to go out of their way to help you.


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  • Ja
    Jake2459 Jan 24, 2010

    Here it is nearly a year later and Ditech is no better off. I applied for a refinance over six months ago. Calls have gone unanswered yet a week ago they charged my bank account $370 for the appraisal. When I finally heard from someone I was told it was a mistake and they would take care of it. They also told me my loan was not approved and blamed it on my HOA for not sending back paperwork. My HOA claims to have never heard from them so when I asked Ditech for the FED EX tracking info I have been met with silence once again. And have the charges been reversed? No. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. They are incompetent.

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  • Or
    orm Feb 01, 2010

    I agree totally, the story is too long but it is four months now into a refi, and they keep changing what they are looking for and change underwriters who say different things from title an different from loan officer. It is intolerable. If you get admin name and addresses let me know. Impossible to go up the ladder there.

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  • Bu
    Busta Feb 26, 2010

    Answered Ditech TV ad. Wanted consolidate our debt in a mortgage. Instead of our credit card debt in the mortgage, put it all on a Ditech MCcard. The interest rate started at 7.9%. After the first year it exploded to 35%. Add the recession and work cutback and we are losing everything. We had perfect credit scores for twenty years. That got us paying 2 points more than advertised rate and no consolidation. All credit card debt still in credit card. $8000.00 to refinance rolled in. We also have 2, yes 2 contracts. The we started with and the one we ended up in. We bit, they switched. By the time we realized how different it was, it was to late to cancel. We could not afford to refinance again. We are now losing everything. Our home of twenty years and all our eggs.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Pohanish Apr 15, 2018

    Ditech needs a ahake out of their loan representative employees. I have had a situation for two years where ditech owed me 2166. to 2500.00 for a loan payment however, I would contact a representative who would take the time and find the error, however, it was never credited against my mortgage payment. this happened numberous times through out the two years. I finally thought a month ago, I would received the credit against my mortgage payment. a loan representartive and I had went though the account h and she found there was error where I was owed this credit against my loan she had adv ised the mortgage department and I was suppose to receive forms for the error t. I never received these forms. I called a few days back to check on the credit and forms the loan representative who answered my call was rude I advised her that this loansales representative had advised the mortgage department of an error on my account. this rude representative had advised me that this special caring customer representative has resinded her complaint and the rude person stated I was the only one who found the errorr one would suspect this caring person was preasured to change her commitment to a customer further k I requsted the account records to for march 2016, april 2016 may 2016 andjune 2016 send me by email the four statement in
    Question. after reviewing these statement, to my dismay, there was the error in the
    March statement 2166. this 2166. was paid in march 4, 2016, with a different account number and these funds were placed in march 15 to april 15 2016 under funds in suspense. however the statement from april 15 to may 15 2016 the 2166.68 disappeared
    From the march 15 to the april 15 statement. there is no credit on this money with the
    New account. this 2166.68 was never credit because it is lost in the old account number. ditech account number ditech has sent a notice a new account number would be
    Assigned to me.
    june they have credited the may 5/05 2016 and the april 25, 2016 2166.68 payment in june 2016 now, in june 1, 2016. they placed the april payment 2016 2166.68 and the may payment of 2523 95 in suspence one would wonder why this money was not credit sooner. the lost payment credited in march 2166.68 is setting in the old account never credited to
    The new account. ditech needs to credit immediately 2166.68> ditech cannot trust the people who worked on this account for the last tyo years. barbara

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Awful company

Hello my fellow abused citizens of these great U.S. of America, I have been, threatened, degraded...

Earnest money

I have recently relocated to New Mexico. While searching for homes for sale I came across the 1979 double...

Awful service

My loan was sold to Greentree from Conseco about 6.5 years ago and since then it has been a nightmare to deal with these people. If you are behind they will use every tactic in the book to try to embarrass or getting a hold of you. They have called neighbors and other people i work with. The have called and threaten my parents and they have called my ex wife's family (2 years after I divorced her and she was never on the loan). I have attempted to pay off chunks of my principle (one payment was 10K) only to have it applied to interest. I finally decided on October 1st that I was going to try to work with HUD and see if I could refinance through the program that Bush signed into law on June 30 2008. HUD was very helpful but GreenTree was not. Since the program is voluntary by the lender they decided to do their own loan mod which would allow me to rent my own house from them for a year, but it would reduce the payments by more than half (4100 to 1800...yes i know it is a lot). They would not send paperwork and asked for 3000.00 before they did anything to my loan. I refused and decided it was at that time i decided to get a lawyer involved. So I hired a real estate lawyer and a general lawyer to fight them. I also decided that i could no longer could afford my home and stopped paying greentree anything. Since I have done this and since my lawyer has contacted them they have become unreachable via email or phone. My legal team has sent notices to the Michigan Attorney General and submitted a request for an investigation to the FHA and HUD into GreenTree's practices. I would also recommend to anyone that gets harrassing phone calls from them to record your conversations with them from now on. Tell them you are recording them and see how their attitude will change. I would recommend that if you are going to go head to head with them you retain legal advice and record every conversation and save every email.

  • C0
    C0nnie Dec 01, 2009

    OMG! My loan has just been sold to Green tree and trying to talk to this jerk Joaquin (if that's his real name)was a nightmare. National Mortgage sold my loan to green tree and didn't forward my payment. I'm not late on my morgtgage! Joaquin was rude and nasty, he talked down to me as if I was the worst paying customer. He said " You need to take this matter seriously" and hung up on me. I called back and got the same Jerk on the phone. Everybody join me in sending a complaint letter to Keith Weiskittle Senior Vice President General Manager, Customer Service P.O. Box 6172 Rapid City, Sd 57709-6172 volume may spark an investigation into their Customer Service Dept. worth a try. meanwhile I will look for another bank to take my loan...

    In my 35 yrs of buying and selling property I have never had anyone talked down to me like that... :(

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  • Ya
    yakyak1223 Feb 06, 2014

    My mortgage was sold to green tree from bank of america not that they are good. ever since i spoke to some of the custermer service dept they are very nasty one girl told me why have a mortgage with us if u can pay on time we dont appreciate what your doing how much you get payed a week you better pay the late fees and so on they need to be shut down for investigation something has to be done very nasty people we should call the press put them on tv.

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  • Ya
    yakyak1223 Feb 06, 2014

    so sad how we the people that run this country get treated

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  • Ya
    yakyak1223 Feb 06, 2014

    thanks c0nnie i will wright to them as soon as possible

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Do not EVER work with you

My husband and I have had a loan through Green Tree for a little over 6 years now. We have NEVER been behind. About 5 months ago, not sure when, we had gotten a month behind. I called and made payment arrangements with NO PROBLEM!! I was told that as long as I call them and tell them what is going on with us, that they will ALWAYS work with us...We have fallen into this economic land slide because my husband is in the construction industry. We have fallen 2 months behind and when I called to try to work a payment out with them, they refuse to talk to me unless I give them a check number and make payment arrangements. I have sent out one check for October just a little over 30 days late. I attempted to pay over he phone and it sent me through this loop and wouldn't let me and no one would pick up my call. So I just mailed it. All of the other checks I sent with the same batch to my credit cards have received theirs and cashed them. Then we are 9 days behind for November and they have already started foreclosure on our trailer, not the property, its not ours. They had a collector call me who called me pretty much a liar and said that I am 3 months behind, so they are preceding forward. Its not december 20th yet, so how do they get to do that? I think they are taking advantage of the economic crunch and they know that they ripped us off and this place isn't worth the money we financed, so they think they are going to jerk it out from under us and resale it and make some more money. The funny thing is that it cant be moved again, it fell apart when we moved it here...it took 15, 000 to get it fixed but we were told NEVER TO MOVE IT AGAIN! I would think they would be wanting to work with the people who usually pay their bills, not try discourage them into leaving it.

Unethical business practices; Illegal collection activities

As of this entry, I am currently a customer (victim of) Green Tree Servicing, LLC. Here's my breif...

Rip off

We bought our doublewide in July 1997, making this year 11 years we have had our home. It was financed...

Scam and fraud

I told them to stop a ach payment they said they would. I told them I did not have the money in the bank due...

Cancelled their insurance and got my own

In June 2008 I cancelled the insurance on my mobile home with Greentree Servicing. I purchased my own insurance.

They show on their paper work the name of my new insurance company. They told me over the phone what my house payment would be minus the insurance.

I made the payment they told me to make. Today 6/30/2008 I got on their online service to make sure the payment had been received. It had been received, but now they say I owe $60.00 more.

I called them. They say it is for insurance for March thru June 2008. This was not one the bill before. Now I have to pay $60.00 a month for 4 months for Insurance that should have already been paid. I fear this will never end.

  • Ti
    Tides Sep 12, 2008

    Green Tree Servicing, LLC. clearly partcipates in unethical, illegal business practices and collection activities. All current and former customers should unite to cummnicate to future victims, potential customers etc. of the reprecussions of doing any business with Green Tree Servicing, LLC.

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  • Ti
    Tides Sep 12, 2008

    See "My Green Tree Story" on yahoo at "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/victimsofgreentree/"

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  • Rf
    rflores32 May 31, 2010

    ive been paying green tree with insurance for 13 years on my mobile home then one day out of the blue they send me a letter saying that the insurace agency went bankrupt and that $15, 000 i had been paying for 13 years was just gone that sounded odd to me, and that i had to get a new insurance or they were going to assign me a insurance of there own which of course was a high priced insurace which we had before that they had assigned when we first got the home. So we couldnt do the insurance payments but we kept paying the home, they called my neighbors my my friends my father and mother in law i mean everyone and finally when i talked to them they said we needed to pay the insurance or they were going to reposses the home. I think this is wrong now where in the law it says that u need to pay insurance for ur home or they will take it away if we dont want insurance for the home we dont have to pay it we are paying the payments for the home. so i talked to them and they said the payment for the house that i was making was going all to the insurance i was like "what" now i dont get that how $239 is going to an insurance that is just $70 dollars if we dont want insurance why should we pay for it its ridiculous and when my wife talked to them the lady named dalia demanded 78$ immediatley for the payment of april and my wife told her we didnt have money that, that is why we were only sending the home payment of $239 dollars and my wife insisted that we didnt want insurance or want to be paying for it anymore and she was rude and yelled at my wife insisting that we had to pay the insurace or they were going to reposses the home. i dont know but green tree is and there people are very rude all they care about is there money i think they are commiting fraud u really need to look into this i reccomend people not to do business with green tree i mean come on where did those 15, 000 of insurance go its ridiculous im very mad and upset

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  • Jo
    John Smith 007 Jun 12, 2012

    Green Tree is the worst Mortgage Company I have ever dealt with. I have 2 other Mortgages with other lenders/banks, and have had my Mortgages sold over the years to a lot of different ones. Green Tree treats you like dog stuff. I think they send all customer servers people to a school to learn how to treat people bad. One of the nicest things that could happen to this company would be for all their Mortgages to just STOP PAYING then and let them go bankrupt.

    It takes a lot to get me to coplain...they are that bad.

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  • Po
    Poor Stock Investment Mar 24, 2013

    I have never been late in all the years I lived in my house. And if I am made to look like a dead beat so these *^[email protected]^*# can STEAL my house, I will post on Craig's List a free-for-all on everything in my house, e.i., kitchen cabinets, sink, toilet, heater, radiators, heating system, central air unit, lighting, water heater, copper pipes, tub...anything that can be carried out. I refuse to let these bottom-feeders make money off my hard-earned money. Anyone else who loses their home due to these snakes unscrupulous tactics, leave them a shell.

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