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My name is Corinne Billett. My daughter and I just visited the Disneyland park in Anaheim on April 11th and 12th. My daughter is on SSI and has a developmental delay as well as suffering from severe anxiety, so I was told by a few of my co-workers to make sure to go to the Town Hall and they maybe able to help her navigate inside the park a little easier. So after we checked in to the Disneyland Hotel on April 11th got our tickets and then headed over to the Town Hall at about 12:45 pm. We were able to get right in and talked to a gentleman (I'm sorry I don't remember his name) I explained the situation and his response was "Really, and just what kind of anxiety does she have". I really didn't think he had the right to ask that question but I told him that she has issues with large crowds and a lot of people touching her all at once. He rolled his eyes and said so what your asking for is something to get you to the front line all day. Well we can't do that, the best we can do is help you on a few rides. So what you will have to do is go to one of our Kiosk or info booths and sign up for a time you want to go on a certain ride and then you have to be there exactly on time NOT one minute late. I said I would appreciate anything he could do. He was extremely rude and short and basically made us feel like we were lying about my daughters issues. All I wanted to do was make it a little easier for my daughter. The last time we visited Disneyland was back in 2005 she couldn't really ride a lot of the rides because she was so small due to her being born so prematurely. She didn't remember any of that trip so I wanted to make this trip as fun and happy and memorable for her as I could. Before we left the Town Hall the gentleman said he could sign us up for our first ride and I told him we would like to go on Pirates of the Caribbean so he signed us up and told us we had 2 minutes to get to the ride, which was impossible and he knew it. We never did use the so called pass because we really didn't understand what is was we were getting. Its really a shame that our experience was so bad at town hall, because the check in at the Hotel was soooo pleasant and everyone was sooo nice. We plan on coming back in October (which I now have reservations about doing) but my daughter really wants to go back, she had such a good time aside from a few times when her anxiety got the better of her and we had to leave the park for a bit to get her calmed down. It is hard to take her places like this sometimes because of her issues, but I really think that the people that work in the park need to have better customer service skills especially dealing with the amount of people they do on a daily basis. Everyone deserves to go to Disneyland even if they have certain problems. I work in customer service and I know how hard and taxing it can be, but if its the line of work you are in you need to just give it your best no matter what and always remember just because you cant physically see a handicap doesn't mean there isn't one. I really hope we don't have the same issue next time.

Apr 15, 2019

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