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S Jul 05, 2019

Hello universal,
Sorry it as been and while since we've had consonance
I did call once however didn't get a call back to me and time flew by.There has been so much going on in my life as well as my family so its been a little hard.Please read the letter i sent about the 2nd trip again.

Theirs couple of things I want to touch base on
1.Why do regular children/adults pay the same price as a disable child/adult that cant go on many rides not being able to transfer out of the wheel chair?
2. Why doesn't aids for the disabled children /adults not go in free to the park?There working the whole time and don't get to enjoy that much?
This is so discriminate it needs to be addressed seriously .Please give me a reason why this is ? My Brother has MD an can only move his head and wrist. The disabled don't have the best quality of life, not being able to do much of anything. Having to fight for almost everything with there health care, struggle making only social security which is around $600.00 very little to ever every pay all your bills.
all serious Medical conditions should have a make a wish experience especially paying to get in.
I want this letter to be answered and go to the main head quarters .The boss of the boss.

Has I stated before in the last letter on what happened on are trip there.Why couldn't you let my brother enjoy universal.Do what you said an we went all the way there.I guess its hard for people with no disability to relate to those with them.Its really not hard to do. Sit in a chair you can only move your head and wrist a little. So if you need anything you have to have someone to do a it: bathroom, sleep having to roll every couple hours, feeding, bath, even just to move his arms and legs.I mean you would not make it.
Hello this is Sue Mitchell getting a contact back sorry I've been really sick and busy we originally took my brother to Universal Studios he has Muscular Dystrophy and is disabled and we had a lot of difficulties the first time we took him there and they gave us tickets back so we may enjoy the time there because he did not get that the first time he does not have that much time left for he is extremely sick and in a stage of muscular dystrophy where everything is declining and I expressed this to Universal Studios we originally bought days for Universal Studios and we only got one day for him to ride all the rides and enjoy himself because he has a disability it takes him a long time to get ready do they have being on a ventilator and not being able to move anything but his head and his hand. And it takes hours just to get him out of bed and I'll his therapies so he didn't even get to go to the park until late the day that we went it closed early for some reason so you only had 4 hours they have fun there and we had to rush you're from Idaho and it took a 17-hour drive there in a 17 hour drive back with which was extremely hard getting on the rides this time was so much easier from the last time and that was great however you guys didn't give him much time to even experienced it some reason you guys only gave him a day when it was supposed to be three days and the only got to experience a little bit of it this kid does not have that much time to live for youth declining with his Muscular Dystrophy and I have expressed this that is so important and right when we went in the park I went to get services to tell them all this and then they told me to wait to talk to somebody but I did not things we only had less than four hours to do stuff so I end up calling and I have not got any call backs while we were there so he can have additional days so he can experience it and you guys did night of that and I was so scared that this trip would be screwed up and it was you guys really let him down if he's the greatest little guy at the world that is always happy did he really deserved a great time there and you guys didn't give it to him because you didn't give him any time it's probably the last thing he's going to do that's fun for he spends most of his time in the bed but he was so happy for months going to the Waterworld show and he only got to see it once it did see a couple of the rides cuz it takes him awhile to do stuff that can imagine how he felt and I tried to contact you guys there multiple times but no contact about time we were done the park was closed and I didn't have time to go to the front but we all saved up our disability money is cuz we're all on social security to get him there to stay in a place the gas and everything and all we got was 4 hours spending thousands to get him there only four hours and I kept calling and emailing to ask why it's only one day that's not enough time to do anything I need to know who to contact with this complaint and I am going to find as many contacts as I can to let everybody know what you did to this little guy deserves so much better it's like you guys just spit in his face but please provide me with information of the main person to do a complaint they will be writing letters to everybody I can on this experience you guys should be discussed about yourself please feel free to email me back with the information that I have asked for you guys really let him down and I hope that you guys don't do this to anybody else and please work on your staff I'm making disabled kids to be able to enjoy things like regular kids not give a blessed time when they leave the more time. [protected] [protected]
thank you for your time .

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