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D Jan 17, 2019
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I have been in the process of claiming for damages on my car after a collision on 8 December 2018. I had my car assessed by a local panelbeater and then by Discovery's assessors. Besides the major disparity in the amounts (approximately R40 000), a few days later I noticed mechanical damage due to the impact and requested that it be looked at.

It is now past the middle of January and still nothing has been done to re-assess the vehicle and Discovery has requested that I take it to the panelbeaters to be stripped and re-assessed. The car cannot start, not be driven. Discovery has not arranged for the assessors to re-evaluate and maintain that their quote is correct despite NO other evaluations being done.

The contact person dealing with the claim accused me of refusing to submit documents and have the car assessed or written off. She was referring to a different claim unrelated to mine. Upon requesting an explanation on how this could have gotten confused, they are evading my queries and are still on page 1 of this claim process. I requested that the matter be referred to a senior staff member and this too has been ignored and they keep sending me the same story over and over.

I have been driving a rental since 19 December 2018 and Discovery is refusing to confirm an extension on the rental period due to their negligence and dealing with the wrong claim midway through the process.

I feel like I am required to do their work for them and my queries are being ignored deliberately. It appears that they want to pass the buck and stand by their claims that I do not want to cooperate. I have done all I am physically capable of to sort this out, but still they cannot seem to get it right.

I am a client of Discovery on several platforms and this makes me wonder if my finances and health are in good hands if a simple day to day insurance claim can create such confusion and provoke such incompetence at my expense.

I have in all this time not once been contacted by a manager or referred to somebody that is capable of approaching this case correctly and legally.

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