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M Jul 12, 2019

I am pregnant and not having the benefit of giving labour in a private hospital. I have been undergoing so much tension - high blood pressure etc because of age and previous history with strokes during pregnancy.
My gynae requested a few scans, and this was denied. I have been asked to do a scan by our GP - and GP's don't do scans. GP referred me to the Gynae (which is on our panel) and I had to pay for the urine tests, scans - everything. Even Gynae visit.
I am still pregnant and baby is due in Sept 2019. I am getting accounts from Ampath for urine samples etc which i have to pay. NOW my question is - why do we have medical aid. My husband and child hardly uses it. I do not know whether this medical aid will cover the birth of my unborn child because i have been made aware of certain hidden fees - which we as clients are not aware off or made aware off.
I was given the option to going to Government hospital at Karl Bremner. This broke my heart and in the same time angered me.

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