Discovery Health Medical Aidapproving hospital surgery for my wife

A Feb 08, 2019

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Spinal Surgery to remove slipped disk that has cut into the spinal cord. must be done to prevent paralysis.
Surgery due 12 Feb 2019.

member since 2012. in a time of urgent Need, Discovery informs me that we have to pay R16k upfront to cover the surgery. In my mind my Hospital should be covered and i have no provision for the unexpected procedure.

Discovery Stated that Unfortunately part of the plan i chose in 2012. to date no consultant or broker has ever had a discussion with me about what the plan covers and whether i understand it or that its sufficient for my family.

Sadly, we are most disappointed and if we do not come up with any fund, my wife may not have the operation to prevent paralysis.

Spoke to 3 people at Discovery (Takie, Molly and Emmanuel) - no one was able to assist and kept giving me the same reason why they cannot pay the full surgery. This is not plastic or voluntary surgery.

Thanks for making me doubt whether you going to be there for my family in the future.

Kind regards,


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