Discovery Channel / the last alaskans

Please know of the decision of cancellation of TLA was disheartening. With today's fake, ignorant, non family oriented, non entertaining shows now a days . My self and family really respected TLA for everything that it offered . Being a fellow Alaskan and offgrid owner really brought peace to us . Also depicted that people offgrid were not ignorant in all aspects. Such as "Alaskan bush people" which is just an absolute embarrassment to every Alaskan/ offgrid person! I'm really worried about today's society and also today's entertainment industry if that's the road we're headed down. We're hoping discovery channel realizes this travesty / mistake and can see which show should truly be cancelled. I know the amount of publicity this subject is getting, there's a true reason for this . Please reconsider and make this right ! Sincerely fellow offgrider. Thank you

Discovery Channel

Aug 13, 2019

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