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My now ex boyfriend paid for my sons high school class ring and turned around a week later to dispute the transaction claiming he didnt make/authorize the payment when in fact i have proof of him admitting that he took it upon himself to pay for my sons ring. He is threatening that charges are gonna be filed against me because he said i stole his card (obviously not true). He purposely did this due to him and i splitting up. I need to know what i can do to show the proof i have from him that he did in fact make this transaction and i did not steal his card?

  • Updated by Kristy Fleming · Dec 11, 2017

    Text from my ex Randy Edelen


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    pobarjenkins Dec 12, 2017

    You should only need to provide proof if there is some legal action against you. At which point you would show it to a lawyer or judge.

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  • Kr
    Kristy Fleming Dec 12, 2017

    @pobarjenkins My purpose for this is to show he did in fact pay for it and now he's trying to have that payment cancelled which makes it to where i have to come up with the $164 to pay for it

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