Direct Expresscustomer service, not handling fraudulent activity

E Sep 14, 2018

I had no choice but to get a direct Express card for my Social security disability check's thinking that the government was promoting them I thought it would be safe to use.
Horrible just horrible they never answer the phone no matter what time you call you get the same recording to call back later. I have over $480 in charges made to a company in China and they told me to contact the merchant to get my money back are you serious??? I have no idea how to contact a random company in China. I have made complaints to the BBB and I would suggest everyone else do the same. Also call the bank on the back of the card and complain. Call the US Treasury Dept as well. Don't let them basically steal our money and get away with it. If my problem is not resolved I will be contacting the local news station as it seems this is direct Express way of dealing with it. Ignore the complaint and maybe it will go away. They are FDIC our money should be protected. I really wish that the Treasury Dept would get another provider.

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