Direct Axispersonal loan

B Jan 07, 2020

My name is Boitumelo Fatyela. My contact details [protected].

I settled my personal loan with direct axis on the 14th of November 2019 through Nedbank Consolidation. On the 20th of November on my paydate direct axis debited my account. I contacted Direct Axis to advise them that a third party has assisted me to settle the loan. I was advised to send proof of payment. I contacted Nedbank and advised them of the loan that has not been settled as yet. A manager was appointed to me by the name of Yusuf Rajah who was also unhelpful since he only sent a proof of payment but did not adress my query. i was later advised by direct axis that an incorrect reference number was used hence they could not trace the payment. I was advised that a refund will be processed and I should receive my money in 48 hours. On the 20th December 2019 a refund was processed however the account was debited again with the same amount of the instalment. I have been calling direct axis since then and to no avail. A lady by the name of anelisa is very rude when answering the phone. She transferred me to another lady who hanged up on me. it is 2020 now and still I have not received my refund.

I have cost incurred because I have been calling non stop. to no avail. on the 30th of december Shanee assisted me and she advised that because it is an long pending query she would request it to be done in 48 hours, it is the 7th of January 2020, still no refund.

I am on the line with khayakazi now and she confirmed that shaneeq did not request for the refund in 48 hours. Direct axis has been unfair to me considering that I have been paying them religiously for the past year.

A manager should contact me and ensure that my refund is processed and if direct axis really cares about their customer, they will also refund me for all cost incurred for calling them.

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