Dion Wiredonline purchase not honored ([protected])

U Jan 06, 2020

My order is [protected] I placed this on 20th December '19.

There has been no movement on this order since this date. I have made multiple phone calls and emails to follow up and not one of my emails has been replied to, nor have any of the customer service agents bothered to call me back with an update despite promising to do this.

I have found out that the Nicolway store was supposed to make delivery yet they have informed the Customer Service agent there is no stock. I have contacted Nicol Way, Bay West, Collinade, Centurion, Gateway (amongst others) and ALL have confirmed that they do have stock... What is the problem? Could it be that no branch wants to honour the online discounted price?

I require someone to contact me to confirm that this order has been dispatched. Until then I will continue to make sure the internet is flooded with bad reviews for Dion Wired.

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