Digi Telecommunicationsservice in setapak sentral outlet


Bad first impression:
I arrived at 8pm on 16 Dec 2017, walked into the store and started to look for the place where I can get a queue number. Since I could not find one and all the staffs are engaged, I approached a staff and said 'Hi' to have a quick enquiry on how to get the number. After standing there for 2 minutes, the staff totally ignored me. I then approached another staff and said hi! He then turn to me and gave me an impatient signal to ask me to wait.

The first staff finally came over and attend to me and then I found out I had to get a number from them.

Poor product knowledge:
I was called to table 3. I enquired how to get an internet plan for a few days. Staff told me that there are prepaid and postpaid packages. I then told him I just need it for a few days. He then showed me the 1 month plan. I then asked him about Digi Prepaid BEST plan that costs only RM8/-. He couldn't explain the plan to me. Kept telling me that you have to buy the internet plan for RM1/-. I asked him for this plan, do I get the 1GB by using IDD for RM1/- and he wasn't sure. He repeated again that I have to dial*128# menu to purchase. When I asked how much is digi's internet plan, he then asked if it's for prepaid or postpaid. When I said prepaid, he said it depends. For prepaid, the internet plans varies according to time to time promotions.

Overall, I find the experience in this outlet disappointing and frustrating. The cold shoulder felt from my entry into the shop was a put off. I need to do my own research on Digi's product and propose the solution to the staff, and can't get proper clarification on product offer from staff.

At the end of the day I need to figure things out on my own.

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