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I have signed up for digi-iphone package in december 2010. Immediately when i am home, i find that the network is bad at my house area. I have made complaints and ridiculously, they blamed on iphone. Claiming that it is weaker in getting signal compared to other model phones. I have already made numerous complaints, also mentioning my cousin living with me who is using digi, is facing the same problem (She is using nokia). After much hassle of complaining, digi finally came out with a report which they verbally read to me. Digi says that their network is not strong enough for the whole bandar utama 7 area (Where i live) hence some area may be affected. Also, there will be no plans of upgrade at for time being. 6years ago, my parents was using digi and had cancelled due to bad network. I am naive to think that they have already upgraded it. Anyway, i am now asking digi to waive the rm400 penalty which they charge to customers who wish to cancel the iphone plan within the 2years contract. I paid my bills promptly although i am very limited to my usage. Digi please be responsible on your weak network and waive the rm400 as i wish to cancel the package. I have also made a complaint that the technician's report which he told me through the phone, does not tally with what their online customer service replied me. Online customer service again blames it on iphone. I am now requesting a proper reply from digi stating the report which confirms it is digi that has bad network at that area. I wish to pass the report to the lawyer if they issue me a lawyer letter for not paying the ridiculous rm 400 penalty. Or better if digi give a written email or letter confirming they will waive this rm400 because they are responsible on the bad network. Would you keep the package if you face bad network at your area which is not your fault? Digi please act immediately as your people had already delayed me for almost a week.

Update by Rie Chuah
Jul 17, 2011 3:51 am

wasting time and energy with digi..i paid rm300 out of rm400 penalty n switched to other network..i do not have network problem now and truly feel value for money..rather thn pay mthly bill but can hardly get network...

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Dec 01, 2015 1:10 am

Hi digi, i'm prabu from penang. I'm staying at taman mesra butterworth. At my place digi network courage very poor since few years ago. As I know many people using digi but suffering wit poor courage Please take my feedback and improve digi courage. Thank in advance

Jul 15, 2011 8:31 pm

Me too. I recently change my phone to nokia n8, and after a few 40mb downloading things, i checked my bill and had tears in my eyes. It was rm445! I used less than 1 hour roaming. I argued at the online customer service, demanding them to check on my data usage, but they give excuses same as you. 'smartphones charges gprs data without me knowing'. My request for the supporting documents are also being turned down repeatedly! Wtf! I'll never pay my bill if this happens in my next month!

Apr 08, 2011 2:58 am

So sorry to hear that Miss Chuah. Many people were facing the same problem as u. My sis was an ex Digi user as well.. but she had to pay for the penalty T.T (no choice..sigh)
If u need another option of internet service.. do contact me. I'm Denise =)
This is my email [email protected]
Hope everything goes smoothly for u. Have a nice day!


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