Dick's Sporting Goodsteam apparel order never filled. but you had no problem charging my card

Your customer service rep, Steven, in Atlanta is the worst person i have ever dealt with. First my order was shipped with just "GA" as the address. this caused the douglasville post office to just throw it away once they finally received it. luckily i signed up for notifications from the post office and was notified by them. You guys never once let me know anything. When I called in to find out what was happening, Steven was rude and very dismissive. Because it had already taken so long and my child's season would most likely be over before i received my order i requested a refund. Steven refused stating it was impossible and he'd resubmit the order. HE NEVER DID!!! 10 days later i called back in. i asked for my order to be expedited so i might get to wear the shirt i ordered for at least one game. Again, Steven was dismissive and rude telling me he'd just refund me.

If anyone at this company gives a crap I'd like my order. And, I'd like it overnight PLEASE!!! Here is the order number - FA-[protected]

FIRE STEVEN. I called I 3 times and got him every time. I can only imagine how much business he's costing you.

Sep 30, 2019

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