Diamond Resortsplatinum ownership scam

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I was in Cancun Resort in Las Vegas for a week I have reserved for vacation. As usual there will be a complimentary greetings from the staff and they will direct you to Diamond resort office where they will tell you to attend a presentation about your stay and a promise of making sure that you will have a pleasant stay for the week. That is the trap set up for you so that they can hold you in their office for hours and hours with a seller that will mislead you into buying more ownership with Diamond resort. I fell for it I was offered Platinum membership for 50, 000 points and a promise of using the points for the annual maintenance fee. Then came the day when I went to Kona Hawaii for 4 days it is a trip they gave me for upgrading my ownership to Silver. It is where I was informed by a representative of Diamond resort that I did not have Platinum but a Gold and that I only have 30, 000 points. To make this short I am now in a process of cancelling my ownership with all payments made to Diamond Resort. I hope that I can get my money back and that all lies by Diamond resort to all their clients will haunt them for misleading people into believing the lies and write a different version in their contract for victims to initials and sign.


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    luv2jude Jan 18, 2017

    My friend was recently sucked into the sampler and has tried contacting Diamond Resort with her complaint, she was mislead, held for 4 hours, and pressured into buying by 4 different sales persons working in tandem. She too stayed at the Cancun in Vegas and was promised a vacation in Waikiki Hawaii with her purchase, but as it turns out it is not in Waikiki but rather another island. They have now threatened her with going to the Credit Bureau.
    Seeking help, what have you done to stop these threats? Is there anywhere to go for help?

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  • Sa
    SarBear Jul 20, 2017

    I can't help with a sampler package but EdwardQ I can probably help you. My company helps identifying misrepresentation from Diamond. Contact 704-800-6742

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  • Kc
    kcmro Feb 19, 2018

    EdwardQ were you successful in getting out of your timeshare? We upgraded a couple years ago to what we were told was Platinum. Even when you log onto their website it states our status is Platinum. We did an owners update a few months ago in Kansas City & was told we were not Platinum but Gold. How can that be. I am so sick of always being told one thing & finding out later that is not the case. Would like to know how too finally get out from under these people. It is to bad they all operate like this, they really could have a good product if ran on a honest basis.

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