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We recently visted Williamsburg, VA and were mislead into accepting "a little thing we do for Diamond Members" which was a free dinner to meet other owners. I specifically asked it the was a sale presentation, and the hostess promised it was not. This turned out to be a total misrepresentation. After we finished the meal, we were informed we were required to attend a 90 minute sales presentation the next morning.

The next day, we advised the presenter that we felt we were tricked into attending the meeting and had no intention of buying additional points. She still continued as she was required to do. After we again told her, we were not buying, she turned us over to another person who offered us "this little thing the new owners, Appolo, was doing for current owners, 14, 000 points for $2, 900.00."

The paperwork turned out to be for the Sampler program. He told us they had just started this program and had not had a chance to arrange new paperwork. This was defiantly as lie. We called Diamond to ask a question about this offering and were told there was no" special program" and what we had purchased was the "Sampler Program" and all the rules and regulations that came with it. They told us that the use of the points was limited to specific resorts during specific times, but if we wanted to purchase additional points, we could apply the $2, 900.00 to that purchase.

This was just a way for them to sell us additional points. Watch out for these people. When you think you have figured out, they will come up with another way to scam you.

Mar 27, 2019
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      13th of May, 2019

    Same thing we got told back quite a few years ago. The Sampler program is definitely NOT new!! We were duped also-got 20, 000 points for 2995.00 and we bought it because we thought the value for what we could use it for was a good deal. Turned out the salesman lied and told us NOTHING about the restrictions, that it was good only at 12 resorts, NOT towards an Alaskan Cruise . Honestly we would never have purchased it had we known that, and when I tried to cancel after actually reading the contract and looking at the full color book when we got home a few days later, they would NOT DO Anything! Fraud at its finest! We did however take 3 different vacations before that Sampler expired and were able to see some value for what we had spent. We were determined to do that! IF ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE IS not USING WHAT THEY BOUGHT-THAT IS REALLY STUPID. Make them GIVE you what you purchased. GO TO THE TOP to demand it! If you DON"T, they will just keep on getting away with this crap. I want other people to post here. Obviously Diamond is monitoring this site-based on comments from other threads I have read this week. Speaking up is the only way to change what they are doing to us. There are MANY lawsuits in progress. You can look them up on I would encourage everyone to sign up for this newsletter!

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