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I am a member since many years enjoying resorts with diamond resorts, with very good impression, so far no complains at all and we have to recognize this part of the business, which is very well established.
we decide to buy a sampler package as a next step
So, for the new package "sampler package" we felt that we made a mistake, terrible mistake... the purpose purchasing this package was to increase time life vacation in a short time, having more availability due to more points, flexibility, etc, but it was not.
We learned that this package offer a very limited options versus owner/member that we already have, we did the exercise today, using the 2 accounts...
we went to the website trying to do a bookings, first web doesn't work ( upgrade or maintenance period according with one of the representatives over the phone). and it just started!!!
Obviously we end up making the reservation by phone, after (marathon) more than 1 hour on the phone, after more than 5 representatives and after more than 5 times repeating security questions to each one... patience goes away rapidly in our side.
But worst after all this process, we have been advised that is mandatory a 60 minutes tour during the time of our planned vacations in the resort... and a as part of the signed contract... shame on us not reading it before and shame on the sale representative not telling us that this part of the deal. Can you imagine attending such tours every time you go in vacations? If you don't attend then they will charge you full stay in usd.

After all and on top you don't have confirmations of your bookings immediately, you need to wait for 48/72 hours to get confirmation by email... while any other virtual platform can give you a booking confirmation in less than 5 minutes.

I do not recommend this product at all. we felt in another debt for a product that not deserve a single penny. I do recommend to run away of this product.
Hopefully someone on the BOD diamond or customer service will take care of it and find solutions, quick ones because diamond resort with this product will lose credibility, they already lose ours.


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      Dec 20, 2017

    Hi! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of this nightmare I would love to speak with you. You can contact me on my direct line at [protected]

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