Diamond Regal Resorts Resaletimeshare sale rip off


Claimed that they had a buyer for our timeshare required an escrow fee of $994.00 and an owner to owner fee of $2, 873.00. I told my husband too good to be true (we were getting a significant profit on our timeshare) He sent the money and no one ever answered that phone again! Also goes by the name Timeshare Owners Escrow, 10101 Reunion Place, San Antonio, TX.


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    antiscamangel Dec 12, 2010

    I work for the Center for Legal Justice. If you want to get your money back email me at "[email protected]"

    I fight the good fight:)


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    lspier Jan 20, 2011

    Uh huh. And the "Center for Legal Justice" wants their money upfront before they will even consider helpingyou. I say it's yet another version of the same scam that stole your money in the first place. And "antiscamangel"? If you work for the Center for Legal Justice, why are you using a gmail account? I'm pretty such the Center (if it was real) would have actual email addresses for their employees.

    If you've been scammed and want to try and recoup your money, and you used a credit card to pay off the original thieves, contact the credit card company directly. Include names, dates, phone numbers, amounts - whatever info you can give them. You might get your money/credit card refunded, you might not. But you don't need a lawyer or special company to do this.

    Also, be aware of yet a third (or fourth) level to the timeshare scams. This occurs when a "courier company" calls you, saying they have a check and need to deliver it within 24-48 hours. They, of course, want an upfront fee to do so, and want it wired via Western Union (which is impossible to stop or recover).

    Your friendly (formerly) scammed bystander who now just wants the ###s to stop calling

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