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My wife and I have been fighing for or daughter for over a year. We both grew up in Cullman county dhr. Morgan county dhr worker came to the hospital where my daughter was in the NICU we lived in Morgan county at the time. They removed from the hospital by police escort due to a juvinel record that I had completed everything dhr asked back it 2009 .it was now 2017. Under a safety plan the required step was a risk assessment and that's it. After placing a year completing 2 drug assessments, 1 syic evl. No failed drug screens, risk assessment showing no risk, parenting classes completed, and marriage counseling.rather then having move visits, unsupervised visits...we still have supevised visit and they have taken time away. Lawyers, family, churches all say this is wrong.we have shown there is no risk for my daughter.


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      Sep 18, 2018

    Was there an court order to remove your daughter

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