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I dont know where to begin, in the 3 years I've been with Devry I've been in the dark.. I guess being nieve isn't a good way to start a school like Devry. 1st the advisor talked me into a different degree, not the one I was actually going for.. I went to the financial part and she went over the basics, I thought I knew it all. NOPE. I got into classes about 2 semesters into it I realized I did not like the program I was going for so I decided to change.. I kept emailing the advisor he never responded so I had to go through my financial advisor to get registered for classes.. to make this short. 3 yrs down the road I was struggling failed a couple of classes and withdrew from stress.. I had no one to advise me <-technically you should. Ok so after I took off for a few months I went back and emailed that f. advisor she was gone find out I had a new f. advisor.. well the new advisor never would respond to my emails.. so I had to eventually contact the dean - she begin to look into things but still everything seemed messed up! I was suppose to be a online student but they had me as a campus student. I could never call the help lines b/c of that they would not help me. ugggh I got fed up so last summer I decided to go to another school Phoenix (which I recommend going to) They were so much more friendly, professional, and organized.. I went thru the process of getting registered and found out SO MUCH infomation I should have known from Devry.. anyways, come to find out I'm almost out of funds b/c at Devry if you go a certain amount of credit hours you pay more or vice versa.. well I was paying more for my classes b/c I wasn't enrolled correctly. Sighss so I wsn't not able to transfer unless I pay a tremendous amount out of pocket and had to go back to Devry but instead of the Bachelors degree I was going for I had to go down the an Associates.. if I graduate I will have an associates degree and owe 57k in loans - WHY because those #s do not give a crap about you and they dont give a crap about your education, all they care about is your money and getting theirs. I'm still having issues.. I just signed back on and the advisor was suppose to have had me registered he did not and try to blame it on my phone number not being updated in the system but it was.. then he registered me in a class I already taken. Good thing now that I'm aware at how slack they are I'm overseeing everything they do and documenting it by saving emails. so this is my story and what I'm going through and how unhappy I am. Know your information, definitely investigate the schools before signing away your life as I did. I'm pretty sure I won't find a good job after I graduate if I even do b/c I'm in a program I know nothing of and not even interested in. so I'm gonna be stuck paying a BIG FAT loan for nothing. BE WARE!! I


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    Ashamed of DeVry Jan 19, 2012
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    Having worked for DeVry at HQ, I cannot tell you how many of these complaints are seen, ignored, or "hushed up"... Next time, ask for compensation for a "silence" agreement. They have a staff of 8-10 internal atttorneys neutralizing complaints in this way. Thus, their accreditor never gets any feedback... but NCA-HLC are incompetent anyway. Hands are tied. Besides, the accreditors need the DeVry business to stay relevant! So very sorry to read all these complaints.

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