DELLhopeless dell - not covering accidental warranty (precision m4800)


I am Nitin Rajput, a user of your premium workstation PRECISION M 4800 (my 4th laptop from dell). I was very happy with the service we received in past years and your team was very kind and professional and this is the reason i have setup completely dell systems in my office along with a dell server, Two premium workstartions and other vostro PC's. Unfortunately, this time your team has created a doubt in my mind weather i should rely on dell or not. 1st Call: I called your customer care on [protected] (India) and i told support excutive over call that my laptop screen it giving me some sort of unusual sound and i doubt something wrong is there with the screen lock. The person over the call (Arun.Nelson.[protected] after checking his details refuse me to replace my screen lock damage even though i have taken 4 yrs accidental warranty (which is still available till 2019 as confirmed by your executive) for which i was not aware at my first call. While I am not an expert but still I said it might get fell off if there is any lock damage while opening & closing screen but he straight away refused by saying it does not come's under warranty. I said alright i need some time to look into this and i will call you back in sometime, meanwhile he dropped me an email for any further assistance if i needed - Wonderful Part of dell every time. 2nd Call: I made after almost 6 hours later and spoke to Mr Naveen (Naveen.[protected] later when the lock of my system gets broken and fell off from my office table accidently and stopped working. Mr Naveen listen everything i told and confirmed me about the 4 yrs accidental warranty as well, took some time to discuss with his team and says "You have pushed your laptop from your table to damage it" so we can not do anything in this - Is he stupid or what ? I have not taken this premium business series for any joke or something. I need this system to work fine immediately.

I sent them multiple emails too but the decided not to cover this case under warranty. This is completely not acceptable. I have PAID for the service, they should care about it instead of running away...

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