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refund not full amount

I bought some items, said they were in stock. Then they said they were not in stock, charged me on the same day and then refunded only a portion of what they charged me. Basically they robbed me. I have spent days trying to get the full amount back. But they just keep passing my complaint along. Stay clear they are sharks, they will try to take a bite!

refund not full amount

Damaged DVD

I've purchased 5 DVDs from www.deepdiscount.com over six months ago. I finally received something about a week ago (2 DVDs). Other three are still missing. These six months I've been trying to contact these guys regarding my order but they never replied!
Recently I sent them another message via their online form given on their website and nothing. These guys doesn't seem to care, they ignored all my messages, they still have my money.
This is a 100% scam, I recommend everyone to stay far away from this website. Do not waste your money here!


I have a friend who likes specific types of music. I searched the internet for a couple of months before I...


I placed a $142.00 online order with Deepdiscount.com and never received the order. There is no customer service number on their website and I have sent them numerous emails asking for the status of this order, and I only get an automated response with no answer on the status.

  • Ke
    Kevin Kirby May 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparently, this company can be considered an example of openly sanctioned grand larceny. Despite continual BBB complaints from those who get charged for non-existent items, the theft continues before the eyes of all.

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Item Cancelled

Basically I ordered a book over 20 days ago. I received a confirmation, then I also recieved an e-mail stating my book was shipped because I requested they tell me why it was not shipped. Fast forward to twenty days later, I get an e-mail saying that my order was cancelled. I called and asked why. The lady said that basically the last person who e-mailed me told me a lie and that he said my order was actually not shipped and that they just send that out when people complain. I then asked her what she could do for me to fix the problem since I ordered the book over 20 days ago and they lied to me 3 times. Then she told me the best she could do was give me a 10% discount on a book that was over 24$ more expensive and I asked her why the book was still on the website if they don't have it available, she said it takes 24 hours to get the website to be fixed but I said...you haven't had it for 20 days...and then she proceeded to call me a liar.

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fraudulent return policy

Purchased a New White CD Player Alarm Clock & IPod Dock for Classic IPod Dec 20, 2010. It arrived Dec 23, 2010. The CD player did not work. On 27 Dec 2010 I followed the 30 day after buyer receives it money back return policy on by contacting [protected]@TheDeepDiscount.com and also by phone at [protected]. I left my number on the customer service line and requested to return item. I received email confirmation they would send a return label in 24 hours. It did not arrive. I emailed the company again and they claimed because my email was military it did not go through. I provided alternate email and they said they would send to it. I still have not received the return label. I filed a claim on paypal against the company. Jan 6, 2011 I received an email from TheDeepDiscount company requesting payment for the item. I had already confirmed payment through PayPal on 20 Dec 2010.

this company is a froud

this company are froud, they give you low ball but dont ship, www.deepdiscount.com is a froud company.

Bad customer service

I placed a preorder on May 20, 2010. Five days later, they canceled the order without my consent. After I emailed them as to why, they replied saying because of my problems with them in the past (false advertising with preorders), they felt the need to cancel my order. My significant other contacted them and complained. They responsed with a very nasty phone call, calling me a "troublemaker", and they didn't have the patience to deal with my "shenanigans." I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago in reponse to the name-calling and the extremely rude phone call. And I will never, ever, ever shop there again.

  • Tl
    TLF57 Jan 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a CD alarm clock and the CD player was defective. I called and left a message for the customer service to call me back and also sent email requesting return label as directed on the shipping insert. I received an email saying they had sent the shipping label. I never received it and requested another which again was not received. I tried the customer service number again and was on hold for over 30 minutes then called back and left my number for them to call. No one ever called and I then received an email from them requesting payment again for the item I had already paid for via PayPal. I have an open PayPal claim for the refund.

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Shipping Charges

I ordered two books for my son. I paid for expedited shipping, which the DeepDiscount.com web site said would have the books arrive in 3-5 business days. The books did not even ship for three days and then they were shipped via 5-10 day delivery. Eleven days after paying for expedited shipping, I still do not have my order.

Bait & Switch + Quazi-Phishing

I saw a pretty good deal on a set of poker chips. I placed the order, they took all of my personal information including my credit card number, and presented me with a confirmation that the order had gone through. However, I received an e-mail several hours latter indicating that the item had been "Discontinued." It wasn't discontinued when I ordered it.

Now they have my personal information, and are probably going to sell it to direct marketers. This is classic bait and switch, accompanied with quazi-phishing.

My advice, shop elsewhere, or if you need to use this company, call first and make sure the item is in stock before you give them your credit card number. Ofcourse, I wasn't able to find a phone number on their site... bad sign...

Resolved Stay away from this merchant.

I recently ordered a calendar from DeepDiscount.com as a Christmas gift. It was my first, and will be my last. I usually check resellerratings.com before making my first purchase with a merchant. Unfortunately, I didn't this time or I would have saved myself some time and trouble.

Their website reflected that the item was in stock. I received the initial order confirmation, which to be honest I did not read closely. Several days later, after receiving no further communication, I decided to log in and check my order status. Much to my suprise and disappointment, the order was still "processing" and showed that it was backordered.

To their credit, the original order confirmation email they sent did say it was "On-order" and "Temporarily Out of Stock". And they also responded to my request to cancel VERY quickly. But it never should have come to that. It is clear from the other reviews here that this company has a major issue with selling items on their website that they do not have in stock. They have clearly had this issue for some time and apparently have not addressed it. Their response to my cancellation request stated that their website was not updated with the status of the item at the time I placed my order. Well, it's still not updated. Clearly, based on this instance and many many previous reviews, deepdiscount.com does not care that their website continues to sell items that are not in stock.

So if you want to avoid wating time and a hassle, stay away from this merchant.

Resolved Bad service

Needed a present for my girl so placed an order for Horse Life DS game. It was "In Stock". Got a confirmation...

Resolved Double Charges

I ordered a dvd, got a defective one, sent it back for an exchange... then got charged a SECOND time for it. When I called them about the double charge, all they would say is that they always do a refund then a recharge when doing exchanges, and that charges go through before refunds. They told me the refunds take about 72 hours to process... which means now I can't take any money out of my bank until DeepDiscount decides to give me my money back or I'll be overdrawn!

All of this for a dvd that's taking a MONTH to get. Next time I'll just go buy the stupid thing at Wal-Mart!

  • Er
    Erika Apr 23, 2009

    I have one better!!! They double charged me and my CC company wants them to contact their customer service to get it straight and they keep sending me BS emails on how one is a pre-authorization! I will NEVER use them again! THEY SUCK!

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Did a buy it now on 2 dvds

paid immediately then received e-mail stating items were mailed.
1 day later received e-mail from paypal stating I would be refunded my funds.
they emailed a generic mailer stating the items were out of stock but when I checked their ebay store they had re-listed the dvd at twice the price & had 32 listed.
Tried to call but no response the email I sent was sent back mailer daemon mailbox full.
If you like to take chances then this is the place to shop.
Me I prefer a little more customer service for my $


  • Ja
    james barker Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a form for real complaints. They refunded you your money how can they be a fraud.

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Resolved Misinformation

DeepDiscount.com - www.deepdiscount.com I placed an order on 9/27/2007 and on this date when checking order...