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J Jan 23, 2020

I had ordered a bathroom vanity from decorplant (farmhouse styled base, stone sink). It was delivered, and due to being in the middle of the move into a new house, and renovating the bathroom, I did not open the box the day it got there, but a little after. Only to find the sink cracked in half. The only part of the box opened was the top where I had found the broken countertop. I reached out in attempt to work with them for a replacement for the damaged item that had arrived, and they told me that because it was more than 48 hours after delivery they would only give me 20% off a new vanity. Mind you it is a $500 bathroom vanity, and I will not be PURCHASING an entirely new one on top of what I had spent on a damaged product. A refund was not available, and no efforts were made to try to fix this problem other than getting me to spend MORE money by offering me 20% off... for what a product which would arrive damaged as well? Too bad their customer service is so terrible as just purchasing a home i had found multiple products from decorplant that I was interested in, which i WILL NOT be purchasing now. Terrible customer service, which unfortunately for them seems to be a common occurrence among people.

bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity

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