Davison Design & Developmentonce I paid, they did nothing, with my invention then keep asking for more money to provide other services

When I first called about my invention idea, I was given many promises. I would receive a prototype, my idea would be shared with many companies, I could even get on QVC, ideas that I came up with that were similar would also be added in with no extra money, and on and on. I didn't make much money, so it took me 4-5 years to pay off the $10, 000 they needed to get this going. Oh, and they said certain things would happen when I reached $2000, and other things would happen when I reached half, etc. Once I got it all paid off, my original guy had left and another employee helped me. He said he was presenting my product to a company on a certain day. Then he said they weren't interested. And did I want all my paperwork back or should they keep it. I was so shocked that I told him to just keep it. A couple years have passed and I called to get my paperwork back. I got a guy named Frank, who was rude and abrupt. He told me they never followed up with trying to get my product on QVC or other presentations, and he was wondering if I was interested. Of course I said yes! Then I received an email asking for several thousand dollars more for those services. When he did a follow up call, I told him I was hurt and insulted and I want all my stuff back. Then I hung up and am filing this complaint. I hope for my $10000 at least they do that. I worked so hard to throw $10, 000 away, it makes me sick. And I'm angry that I was so stupid. Please stop these people from taking hard-earned money away from others...

Oct 03, 2019

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