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Buyer Beware! Woodside at West Clay. Do not buy, especially any quick move in "deal." They will tell you how great of a deal you are getting and then continue to remind you when things go wrong. We have lived in our home for under 5 months and are already to move. The warranty team is awful and the people above them are worse. We have drainage issues in our backyard and nobody is willing to take the responsibility for the mistake they made or even help fix the issue. The send slimy men out to justify the wrong doing and call it correct. They will talk in circles like trained robots until you have to ask them to leave your property. Then they will send you emails warning you to not make a negative review of the company, because you could make money on the "great deal" you received. Shady business practice. I wish somebody had warned me. This is your warning.

1) shorted carpet that had to be replaced
2) closet shelves not installed properly
3) multiple stones falling off the home
4) hose spouts leaking falling off the house and "repaired" with caulk that looks terrible and continues to be loose
5) a backyard that floods and will never grow grass (def do not buy in the winter)
6) broken oven for over a month
7) unfinished stone work making the house (over a half million dollar home) look like a modular home

David Weekley Homes
David Weekley Homes
David Weekley Homes

Aug 17, 2019
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