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U Jul 14, 2019 Review updated:

In November of 2017 I purchased my dream home from David Weekley in the Trinity Greens Area of West Dallas.

In April of 2018 my home became overwhelmed with an "odor" and working with David Weekley Warranty over the next 8 months, we assumed that the "odor" was a faulty HVAC Unit. David Weekley graciously replaced the HVAC Unit in December of 2018 and the "odor" went away.

In April of 2019, as the humidity and temperature increased in Dallas, the "odor" returned. As the "odor" became more pungent and knowing that the "odor" was not coming from the HVAC Unit, I decided to bring in two separate Licensed Air Quality Technician to see what the "odor" was. The results were alarming with severely high levels of formaldehyde and off-the-chart levels of VOCs. See results:

Internal Air Quality Test #1
Formaldehyde (Normal Range= 0.01ppm=0.02ppm) (Home Results: "Severe" @ 0.16ppm-0.26ppm)
TVOC's (Normal Range=0.2ppm) (Home Results: "Concern" @ 0.6ppm)

Internal Air Quality Test #2
Formaldehyde (Normal Range=


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