DAV Alamo Chapter 5service presentation at my brother’s funeral service

V Mar 06, 2019

A man approached me at the funeral home. I told him I was not the widow and showed him my sister-in-law. This man approached her with his booklet and information concerning DAV. After a minute, he told her "I'm available". He also told her after a while that he was single! He said his phone number was on the card and she could call for anything... reminding her again, he was single! My brother, Robert Kyrisch, is a Marine and Veteran of Vietnam Nam. He died suddenly. We were so appreciative to have the DAV there and the ceremony was nice. However, this man "hit" on my sister-in-law. She was infuriated not to mention this happened within the eyesight of my brother's coffin. His name is Kevin Crozier. This is totally inappropriate.
Sincerely, Vickie Hylton, Robert Kyrisch's Sister.

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