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I have endless problems with getting a service out of Damelin Correspondence. They did not allocate my payments correctly and deducted money from my bank account without contacting me at all, I would have paid in instalments but paid up my course within 2 months. Now I can not seem to get my refund back. I had to supply them with my banking details on a letterhead of my bank and they have my details on record and now they tell me it will take 3 months before I get it.. unacceptable! I also did not receive all my study material which was suppose to be dispatched last month but did not and now they cant because they have a stock take. Their support services never replied to any email and my exam is next month.. I need help I am fed up with them and need help urgently cant do this on my own I have tried, if you need more details on when I have contacted them and their so called attempts to help me. they dont get back to you if you suggest a manager needs to take care of this


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 24, 2016 10:59 pm EST
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Hi All, I have had the same issues with Damelin. Paid full and in a cash lump sum for a course study. They never registered my Son and we received no correspondence. Now we have requested a refund and all we get for an answer is the 3 month waiting period. This is bull. It was their error. Now that we e mail the refunds department, our e mails can't be delivered due to a "full mail box". How many people does Damelin owe money to? For the mailbox to be full 90% of the time? This is nothing short of fraud..

Feb 09, 2011 2:56 pm EST

I am having the exact same problems. Been battling for almost a year now with no luck - I have had it.

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