P Dec 02, 2019

I purchased a Chromebook from DailySale in Nov 2019. 1) The description clearly stated that it was a new computer & the condition listed it as brand new. I received a 2013 Chromebook that was very badly scratched with a trackpad that was extremely worn. 2) Even the packaging area of the item description said retail yet it was only wrapped in bubble wrap with no packaging whatsoever. 3) The item didn't even functioning properly. It ran VERY slowly and acted quirky. It has a message that it was no longer supported and couldn't be updated. Plus, the battery wouldn't even hold a charge. The only way to contact the company is through email, so you are at their mercy. I only received a return email after sending multiple requests and, suspiciously, only after mentioning that I had contacted my credit card company over the matter. Customer Service originally offered me a 20% refund in the form of a store credit which was nothing short of an insult considering the problems. I am, in the end, able to obtain a full refund - assuming it actually happens once they receive the item back. However, I feel very strongly that the company should have covered my return shipping since the item was not only misrepresented on the site but didn't even work! However, they refuse. They said that no matter the reason, return shipping is ALWAYS the customer's responsibility. In short, this has been a very bad experience, I ended up paying $12 (return shipping) for nothing but hassle and stress, and I will never buy from DailySale again.

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