CVS / Pharmacymanager hires four of supervisor's close friends

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One of the supervisors of my store has been a major influence in the hire of FOUR new employees within the past year. Now you may think it's nothing big or just a coincidence, but every one of these new hires have been promoted within days or months just starting the job while people who have been there for years are still in the same position. The issue is that this supervisor had a past relationship with one of the employees, the other employee is the best friend of his ex-girllfriend, while the other two employees are his best friends. This is WAY past unethical and basically, it's a scheme. What can we do? Is it possible to get this supervisor out of the store? This is becoming ridiculous. Like next thing you know, the whole store is going to be filled with his family and friends.


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      Oct 02, 2013

    well, your first mistake is posting this on a public forum because if any of them see this, you can count on being fired soon.

    If you have an issue with your job, you should deal with it internally and report it to upper management (District Manager )so it can be dealt with properly, not just complain on a website.

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