Currysintegrated fridge freezer

A Aug 06, 2018 Review updated:

after being sold a fridge freezer in store, it was booked in for installation the following Sunday, on arrival the fitters informed me it was the wrong one, i went back to the store, informed the salesman that we needed one with hanging door fittings not sliding.he looked on web site and he said the one in our price range was a hotpoint, with hanging door fittings.t was booked to be fitted the following day between 7-11 am, at no extra cost, due to it being currys fault.
the fridge/freezer came at 8.30 in the morning only to be informed the young lad couldn't fit it because he had no training on intrigated fitting. I THEN WENT BACK TO THE HUDDERSFIELD SHOP AGAIN, (we have our 3 grand-kids from Lincoln this week to take them off for days, so for the second day we couldn't do this, )i was then informed that it could be fitted in the afternoon and that was it as far as they were concerned, i left letting them know how disgusted i was with the service (or lack of it !!) at 11am a fitter called me to inform me they would be here between 5-7PM, at 7.30PM i called the office to find out where they were and informed them that a fridge freezer was stood in our front garden??? she then asked me to get somebody to move it into the house because she didnt want it leaving in the garden, when i informed her i didnt have anyone, then she said could i look thro yellow pages and find a man with a van to move it !!!1, i was to pay them and they would pay me back, could not believe what i was hearing, at 8.15PM i had a call from the fitters to say they were running late but would be with us ASAP, when they arrived they then informed me that the fridge/freezer i was sold was once again WRONG, and wouldn't fit, they took it away at about 9.15 PM, we find this whole fiasco a disgusting way to treat a customer, we were offered a £20 voucher as an inconvenience payment !!! we aslo payed £55 for installation and removal, which we were informed that a a manager would call us in 3-4 days to discuss this ?REALLY


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      Aug 06, 2018

    This is utterly shocking customer service from currys. Our children have been really looking forward to a week with their Nanna and a Grandad. They couldn't wait to be able to go places and do fun and exciting things, but have yet again been hindered for another day by incompetent so called specialists, that have got no idea what they're doing. Absolutely disgraceful service.

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