Cuballamalong distance calling


I "recharged" my brother's cell phone in Cuba on 6/19/2017 and I was charged right away. I have done this in the past and never had an issue with the phone being recharged within the hour. It was father's day and I wanted to call him to wish the best but the recharge never happened. I called the company on Monday the 20th, and they said that recharges can take 1-2 days (this has never taken longer than a couple of hours). I waited and called on Wed and was told that technically it hadn't been 24 hours. I decided to give them a week and called on Friday and was told that someone would call me back to take care of the issue. It is now Monday the 26th and still haven't resolved the problem.

I've had other issues with this company in the past (stealing my call minutes) but I have always looked the other way. I use this service on a regular basis and almost every time, I am shorted minutes. For example: you will make a 15 min call (mins counted by your cell phone's timer), but the system will deduct 17-20 mins. They over count minutes and NEVER give you the time you paid for.

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