Crunch Fitnessunauthorized repeat withdrawals from checking account

T Aug 15, 2018 Review updated:

Over the past 8 days Crunch fitness has withdrawn $126.24 from my checking account. I am supposed to be on the Military plan. $10.00 per month. When I go into local crunch in Sarasota, Fl the smart aleck young kid laughs, tries to give me some BS story. I strongly recommend that people do not do use Crunch and definitely do not give them your banking information. I have been in Crunch numerous times when people are at the Service desk complaining about the same type of unauthorized charges.


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    RedemptionDNL Aug 17, 2018

    I will not check my spelling. I am very mad. I cancelled my membership back on July 13, got a confirmation email on july 15, on july 29 I was charged twice, one for $25 and one for $50. AND THEN! On aug something I got charged an additional $32. All of this was AFTER receiving a dang confirmation email that my membership has been cancelled. I contacted crunch ASAP to let them know what was happening and they told me I had to go through the email. I emailed two weeks ago with them saying someone would be in contact 3-5 business days! And yep, you guessed it, still no call! I need my money refunded and I don't even know how to do that because they way I was told to do it obviously isn't working!

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