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Cricut Complaints & Reviews

Cricut / design space

moodeleine on Apr 30, 2018

I've tried purchasing a subscription for cricut access but it is not currently available on their website. Cricut have given me a months free trial to compensate but it is utterly useless!! I can design and cut from the iphone app but full design space which you need in order to print and...

Cricut / glitter vinyl

Annie- on Dec 20, 2017

I just bought Cricut Red HTV vinyl a week ago. I went to use it today and the vinyl is no longer sticking to the transfer paper on the front . Which made it impossible for my cricut mat to hold it down, which I turn messed up the cut. For what this vinyl costs, you should make a much...

Cricut / customer service and online purchasing through

MandyLL82 on Dec 7, 2017

On Saturday, December 2, 2017 I ordered the cricut easypress for my mother for Christmas. Within hours, I found out that she already had it so I went on the website to cancel my order. I found that they are not open on weekends but I could do an "online chat" to try to resolve the issue. So...

Cricut / cricut overall!

Zibaa on Sep 1, 2017

Hi, I'm from the uk and as much as I love cricut I'm sorry but things are starting to feel very uneasy! Firstly the monthly surprise box is never the same as USA. Secondly the price is different as in it is so much more higher here for exactly the same items or even less items! Thirdly if...

Cricut / problems with the software update


Before the latest upgrade when I hit the "Make It" button, the mats were a different color from the images so that the images can easily be seen to move around to fit the paper size I wanted to cut on.  Now, starting yesterday, the mats are the same color as the images, so the images have a...

Cricut / false advertising/ misleading product

formyonlineorders on Jun 19, 2017

Cricut does a poor job explaining what you will need in order to work with there machine. For example few months back I was looking to purchase my first die cutting machine and stumbled across the cricut explore. There box had it clearly advertised that the system runs on an ipad app...

Cricut / Provo Craft / cricut create

VirginiaMom on Apr 14, 2017

Provo Craft manufactures the CriCut cutting system. After using my CriCut one time, the machine broke. After chatting online with their technical help department I was told that there was no way to repair the machine. After great effort I finally reached a person on the phone and attempted...

Cricut / Cricut explore air 2

Jessicatodd3123 on Mar 15, 2017

I ordered my cricut on 3-8-17 and I still do not have it!!! I have been tracking it and it told me that it would be here on 3-11-17 and then it changed and said 3-15-17...well, today is 3-15-17 aaannndd...IT'S STILL NOT HERE!!! I AM LIVID!!! Not a happy customer! I was so looking forward...

Cricut / Got 2 problems

Lorca Beebe-Diaz on Sep 10, 2015

This machine was supposed to make my life easier by saving me prep time as a teacher. Instead it has taken an extraordinary amount of time to figure out. If I count the DAYS I have tried to get this machine to work, let alone reading its manual, I can say it is not cost effective time...

Cricut / Cricut Expression

Beverly Wall on Aug 31, 2015

I have an Expression machine that is out of warranty and the feeding mechanism will not work. After many hours of frustrating communications with the on line Cricut rep who was telling me do try any number of things like download new firmware, which of course would not help with thi...

Cricut / Deceptive advertising/lack of support

angeloup on Feb 25, 2011

Emory Day is an internet advertising company that runs multiple sites for consumer products. They offer a package for the Cricut Expression manufactured by Provo Craft that looks like a great day. I ordered from a site called without being aware that they are not actually part of...

Cricut / Do not back up their product


I have a Cricut Expression that was given to me by my children for I know the warranty is out but I want to get it fixed even if I have to pay. The company told me to buy another one. At $300.00 You do not just throw away something. Now I have cartridges that I can not use. Help. They do not back up their product.

Cricut / Repairs

I have a Cricut Expressions Die Cutting Machine that is out of warranty. This machine retails for around $400.00. A plastic part that holds the cutting blade in place broke and, when I phoned Provo Craft to purchase a replacement part, I was told that they don't sell the parts because...

Cricut / Bad service


I purchased Cricut cutting machine and used it with their Design Studio software. After downloading update onto my computer the cricut machine wouldn't work. I phoned and spoke to someone there (I phoned from Ireland) who after an hour told me it was my Cricut machine. So I purchased...

Cricut / Refund

Waited for refund for a while. Finally i talked to leia and she explained to me that provo craft was trying to bullie them into giving up there .com name by holding there orders, and they where telling people to cancel there credit cards which caused the credit card merchant company to...

Cricut / Unfair pricing and internal trading

Provo Crafts has Scre... its retailers yet again, I just found out how come some of the vendors on e bay can sell Provo Craft items at a lower cost than the wholesaler, it appears that a former Director of Customer service worked for Provo crafts, he is currently selling in e bay at a cost...

Cricut / Unauthorized charges


This is to warn individuals from ordering anything from the Cricut Outlet site! It is a BIG SCAM!!! I ordered some items from their site last month and then decided to cancel the next day. It took weeks for someone to respond to my continued emails to cancel. They finally acknowledged me and...

Cricut / The return policy


I order a machine from the . I contacted them to exchange the machine and got no email back . After I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges did she contact me. All that was said was I'll see what I can do. I'm still waiting. DON"T BUY FROM THEM. / Rip-off company


My wife ordered the Cricut on-line and the final step was to finalize the order. The step before said she could order it for $350, well it popped up on the confirm page as $589. She is not click on finalize, but it said it was ordered. She called for three days straight to cancel the...