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CricutContents of Order not Receive-Horrible Customer Service

I am disgusted by the customer service of Cricut. I receive the box for the Cricut Explore Air 2 with only the machine and welcome packet. The power cord, usb cable, premium fine point blade and housing, fine point pen, materials for practice project were NOT even in the box. Over the past two weeks I have spent over 3 and a half hours on the phone/on hold with four representatives and a "Team Leader" trying to resolve the issue. During my call today, I spoke to a Team Leader asked for his supervisor and he told me "They don't take calls." I asked him to provide them with my phone number and he said "They don't make calls." I asked for an email address and he would not provide that either.

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    CricutThe size wheel on my cricut expression does not work as the circuit board is cracked.

    I called Cricut to find out what the problem was and they could care less since they no longer support this machine. I found a youtube video that told how to fix it. I did this and it still will not work. When I CALLED Cricut to find where to get this part they abruptly told me they do not have parts and had no idea where to get a new board. Why would I buy a new Cricut when the internet is full of people who have spent a ton of money on their machine and accessories and get no service from this company. I have been a cricut customer for about 20 years and do not plan on buying another one when this company does not plan on supporting their customers.
    I read on line that cricut sells refurbished machnes to customers with a problem. If they do they must have parts available to them that they wil not support us with.

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      CricutChange order / cancel order

      1) I placed an order (3423279) for Christmas gift, but entered my address number wrong (entered one number off).
      2) Called help desk to update it
      3) help desk couldn't help - said only option is to cancel and my card wouldn't be charged
      4) cancelled order (3176591)
      5) card was charged (still is)
      6) I've called support with no help... I've emailed support with no help.
      7) order still shows processing.
      8) no phone support and no email support.

      I paid out $300 for A special Christmas gift. Now I have no gift and no money to replace it.
      Pathetic customer service. If I don't receive a response, I'll see what to do with small claims. If I do receive a refund, I won't be purchasing a Cricut. So disappointed.

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        CricutRefund / order cancellation

        Ordered on 20 Nov 2020. I've spent multiple hours now on the phone and emails trying to find out where my order is. Only 1 of 8 items have shipped and the rest remain in processing. I just want to cancel and get a refund for those 7 items. I called at least half a dozen times only to be placed on hold and to be hung up on. No one will take my call and process a refund

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          CricutCricut design space

          The new download is horrible. It freezes out. There's no longer an arrow on the right side to move projects up and down and when you go to make something like words for a card, it won't let you position it where you want it. Please fix this. I've been using cricut design space for a long time and this is by far the worst update done yet.

          Amy LaBrash

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            • Ka
              Kathy Zamperini Jan 15, 2021
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              For the first time, yesterday, I also had many problems with design space. I recently downloaded Cricut software onto a new computer with Windows 10. I am not sure if this is causing my problems. I cannot maneuver images without temporarily losing the image. Working with the text was very frustrating. I could not weld lines of text or attach them to the image I chose . I could not move the scroll bars up or across, so that I could view sections of the screen when trying to find the lost images. The two or three hours that I wasted were so frustrating. I e-mailed Cricut last night but received no help .

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            Nov 22, 2020

            Cricut — Lost money on materials and business

            Hi, I'm writing this to complain about the cricut I purchased in May from Amazon. Ever since I...

            CricutRefund is warranted

            It is absolutely a waste of time and the money it const me for this cricut air2 if the doggone software program to run it does not work. It is totally unreliable and has cost me so much money and embarrassment with customer. I'm lucky if I can upload and sign on to cricut to only find out that the project I need "magically disappears"... I have used every email address I have to create a new account because for some unknown reason, my password is suddenly invalid. I have it saved in the cloud on my computer, screened shot on my phone, written and written in a note pad and yet... It never fails that it is invalid and I can't sign on... The worst part of it all is that cricut's software sucks so badly that the link to reset my password does not work... What is the problem???.

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              CricutAir 2

              Bought in dec 2019, never worked due to design space faults constantly. Emailed cricut numerous times never had any answer,. Hobbycraft say they will accept the return due to... not fit for purpose... with full refund. However l am unsure as to return or not, all we want is a design programme that works.

              Now can cricut confirm they will issue a new design feature, ythat will work, as l am sure many other users would like to keep machine if designer programme worked as it should.

              To ask to pay for a programme that has as many faults as design space cricut should be ashamed.

              Someone needs to answer me ASAP please.

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                CricutFaulty machine impossible to get to customer service

                Like many here, I purchased a Cricut Explore Air 2 excited to craft with it. I should have read the reviews more carefully. Within 3 weeks it stopped cutting anything correctly. I reached out to customer service and it took a month to hear back. I begrudgingly did as I was told and sent them a video of the issue. It has now been another month wit no contact from customer support. I realize that things have changed with COVID 19, but I have now fully missed my product return window, paid money out in attempts to follow online instructions and Cricut approved fixes, and essentially have a $200 paperweight. I am appalled at what passes for customer service within this company. Hiding behind a pandemic to excuse the truth that you don't want to support ongoing and known issues is a joke.

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                  • Su
                    Sue Thornley Oct 13, 2020
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Think we should start a class act of... not fit for purpose... against cricut. any lawyers want to take pro bono case

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                  Jul 06, 2020

                  Cricut — Customer service

                  I have had my cricut explore air 2 for 9 months when the pressure of all cutting completely lost. I got in...

                  CricutCricut Maker

                  I purchased a new cricut maker machine on March 1st. After a very long delay in processing I finally received my new machine. I first contacted Cricut about the machine not working on March 29th. After numerous attempts to get a resolution they finally decided that the machine was not functional. I have been attempting to get a response as to when a new machine will be sent out and have not heard back. Every time I contact them they just say they are really behind and it will be sent out soon. They promise that someone will be in touch with me and that never happens. This company has the worst customer service. Their products are horribly expensive and they do not seem to value or stand behind the products that they make. If you are planning to use the machine for business I would say look elsewhere.

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                    Feb 23, 2020

                    Cricut — air 2

                    My Air 2 will not power on, even though I know it's getting power because the light is on. I contacted CS and...

                    Jan 02, 2020

                    Cricut — worst customer service ever

                    I purchased a Circut as a Christmas present online. Before the purchase, I called Circut to understand their...


                    Hi, for over 8 weeks I have been waiting for cricut to fix my issue with access. I have sent over 30 emails contacted various departments ranging from customer service to the help desk. I have even phoned you in the USA. I live in the UK. All I want to do is pay for access and use it. Your system constantly asks me to contact you if the problem continues. I have been told by your technical department that its fixed. I'm at my wits end.

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                      Cricutworst made machine

                      I have had 6 replacements of my cricut air . I had one catch on fire and the others the motor broke. They are now sending me a new expect for the fact they lost it now and want me to pay for a new machine claiming I received it. If I don't get my new replacement I will leave cricut and new buy a product from them. They have horrible customer service people who dont know how to fix any computer glitches and blame on the customer .

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                        Oct 28, 2019

                        Cricut — membership

                        If your new to the cricut machine and their different subscriptions they have in your new machine box they...

                        Cricutadhesive glitter vinyl - bronze color

                        I purchased a large order of vinyl from Cricut.com on 9/9/19 in the amount of $148.33 of which were 18 rolls of bronze glitter vinyl equaling $103.50 of that total. Upon using the first roll I realized this vinyl was defective. When using the included transfer tape, the glitter removes from the vinyl in striped patterns leaving see thru ruined section of vinyl. Trying to use this vinyl is impossible for its intended purpose. Approx. 75% of the roll has this defect. I attempted to use 4 of the 18 rolls in case it was just one roll with this issue, but all 4 rolls had this same defect. I contacted customer service to inform them of this issue. So far in 18 days I have received little to no response. The only response I have received is that someone will look into it.. and that was 9 days ago with no update and no responses to my additional emails. This is the second time Cricut has shipped me defective vinyl and I am very dissatisfied with their lack of quality control and their terrible customer service. 18 days and they wont even acknowledge my messages regarding their defective product.

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                          Cricutexplore air2

                          Their customer service is a scan because their products fail and they will NOT assist you. I have a small business. I use these machines daily. It initially took me almost one year to get my first faulty Explore warranty exchanged. Most recently I received an ad from Cricut advertising a sale at Michael's for a black Air 2. So I upgraded one of my Explores. In under 3 weeks it started tearing all my paper. I called them and they determined it WAS a faulty machine. However instead of taking my credit card and sending me a replacement with a return label. ((Generally electronic:s company's expect the return within 10-14 days or they charge you). They were going to make me video the 2 machines in action again documenting the issue. Even though I had already sent them photos of the problem and the other machine working.

                          Now the fun part. I purchased the Cricut at Michael's less than 3 weeks prior and the receipt states returns accepted for 180 days. Nope, not on Cricut. So this is my second lemon and the customer service is non existent. I did force Michael's to exchange it but what is wrong with these machines? The new one worked instantly upon installation. They must know there is a problem. I have a small business. I can just stop working. Shame on Cricut and Michael's

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                            Apr 16, 2019

                            Cricut — cricut maker and cartridge adapter

                            Not happy with Cricut Customer Service. I just purchased a Cricut Maker along with many accessories for my...

                            Cricutcricut explore air 2

                            Until just now I have been a loyal Cricut customer from the beginning. Teaching classes, and showing YOUR customers how to get the most out of their machine. My most current issue went unresolved. This is so very disappointing to me. Your company seems to have very little interest in saving customers!

                            I contacted your company two weeks ago, with an issue with my Cricut Explore Air 2 not getting any power. I had spoken with Tyler via chat. He was very helpful, and thought perhaps it was a power cord issue. I received my new power cord yesterday, and still, my machine will not power on.

                            I again, went to customer service chat only to find out that because my machine is just outside of warranty (and I never had the option to extend my warranty), that there is nothing that can be done.

                            So now, here I sit. Students wanting to learn, and I have a machine I can no longer endorse or recommend. Especially with the issue I have now. I only want my students purchasing a machine that will last longer than 12 months. I only want to endorse a product that has superior customer service, and only with a company that believes in their product enough to replace it if something within their machine malfunctions.

                            I will use every opportunity, and venue to spread my experience with Cricut. I am so frustrated and disappointed with how my issue has been resolved.

                            Newest Silhouette Customer

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