Credit Centralmy loan at credit central in greeneville tn

R Aug 07, 2018

In April 2018 i was put into the hospital. While I was in the hospital 2 of your employees Bronson and Sabrina at the credit central in greeneville tn found out what hospital i was in. Once they found that out they started harrassing me asking personal questions about why i was in the hospital what was wrong violating the hippa law. During my recovery in the hospital i was getting calls from both of them causing my recovery to be slower due to the stress over them calling. I would have paid my payment but they wouldn't take my debit card over the phone. Instead they told me to give my debit/bank card to someone to take the money out of my account and have them put money (not a money order or check) into an envelope and slide it under the office door with my name on the envelope. I declined due to im not giving anyone my bank card to anyone and i wouldnt hace even gotten a receipt for my payment. When i got out of the hospital 2 months later i stopped paying on my account because i felt my personal info was violated, they violated the hippa law, and when they asked me to give my bank card to someone and asked me to slide money under the door was not professional in anyway. I would like if these 2 employees be fired and my account be deleted or cleared. I dont want to take this to court but i will if i have to. Credit central dont deserve to be sued due to 2 bad employees unless the company dont fix the problem. Thank you

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