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+1 800 634 1506(Existing Customers) 4 0
+1 800 729 7633(Existing Dealers) 1 0
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Credit Acceptance, a leader in subprime financing since 1972, provides dealers with the ability to say “Yes” to every customer regardless of their credit score.

Credit Acceptance Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Credit Acceptance Corporation / auto pay

Jul 26, 2019

I am in a bind and no one cares!!! I am set up on a certain amount per pay period but elected to do more this one time to catch up. They drafted the same amount out this time because they are saying I didn't call to put the payment back to the normal amount. Why not reverse the credit and...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / 2012 kia - new tires ruined among other things that were done poorly

Jun 25, 2019

Credit Acceptance CorporationMy name is Anna Smith. I financed through CAC in 2017 . I was late on payment and the repo guy drug my car 140 yards and my tires were damaged badly in the process. You can still see how new they were besides the super bald ruined parts. I have pictures of everything, start to end, and the...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / car

Jun 21, 2019

Credit Acceptance CorporationThe Kia Rio was advertised for $5200. I was advised by the dealership that the total amount with taxes will take me to about $6000. In which I wanted to pay in cash . But I was advised by the dealership that if I financed the car it will help to build my credit scores. I then asked the...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / my vehicle repo

Jun 15, 2019

I called C.A. when I looked out snd saw my vehicle gone. The repo man dragged my vehicle grom whete it was parked in front o my house. You can see my tire tracks in the street. I spoke with C. A. Someone named Robert. I made arrangements to pay on my account to get my vehicle back. I told...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / the 2011 gmc terrain that was financed through credit acceptance

Apr 24, 2019

When I bought this car I had it for 1 month before it start to mess up. And I called credit acceptance ask them could I trade the car in they said no it was between me and dealership so I ask them and they said no. Well anyways they checked it the dealership and said that I needed and oul...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / report fraud. breaking contract

Apr 19, 2019

Credit Acceptance CorporationI have a question regarding account [protected] Daniel Vanderbourgh. 2159 Beidler st apt 10 muskegon mi 49441 I was buying the envoy 2005 from him but my ins company wanted proof of additional health insurance. I couldn't provide because I'm not on regeneration title loan nothing You will...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / repossession

Apr 05, 2019

You all can take the repo off my credit cause im.not paying you all high dollars amount when you all wouldnt work me when i had emergency in the family so u all came and repoed my jeep and exacpt me to pay for a jeep that i missed two payments on . Im not giving u 4, 000 and something back...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / they are a unethical, rude, predatory, greedy loan agency and will drive you to murder.

Mar 28, 2019

I purchased a car that was worth $7000 of the lot. I put down 30% of the value on the car and was still forced to use this company as a middle man because I had no credit. I took it all in stride as a no-frills way to build my credit. How wrong I was? I was hit with a interest of 21% for a...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / bad /lemon vehicle loan

Sep 28, 2018

I asked about a 2004 Chevy truck today...they wanted $13, 000+ for a 14 year old truck with over 160, 000 miles on it. My credit was denied (Thank God!) because, the credit source this used dealer uses also happens to be the credit source I used on my 2004 Dodge truck. (Credit Acceptance...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / repossession

Sep 10, 2018

I was not notified before hand if vehicle reposess on and the vehicle was taken in the middle of the night. When I had went to get my belongings I. Which they towed my car everything and all of my belongings we're gone and I demand compensation. I'm being told I need proof of what was in...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / employee

Jul 02, 2018

My husband has a automobile loan and payments are due on the end of each month. June 30th, the website and phone system we're having maintainence issues and he tried numerous times to make his payment. Website stated the issue wouldn't be fixed until 8AM the following day. He paid the bill...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / unethical behavior

Jun 09, 2018

Two weeks ago I called on behalf of gerry metzger account no. [protected]. At the present time he is permanently living in a elder home and will not be able to drive again. Because his income is only social security, medicaid has taken all of his money he gets to pay for the home he is in...

Credit Acceptance / repossession department

Feb 14, 2018

My car was repossessed and after I paid to get it back I noticed that my car was missing a 2, 000 sound system that I have shown proof of and other small items that can be forgotten but the company itself has no way to ensure the safety of your belongings which is a real red flag in my...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / loan

Jan 28, 2018

Ya know I pay my LOAN every month. It is always two weeks late based on due date/pay date. You have never not gotten your payment. You are so rude I cannot believe it. Got a call from customer service today and have never in my life been treated so rudely! I activate screamed at your rep...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / auto finance over change

Dec 03, 2017

Credit Acceptance CorporationI just paid off a car that is worth 5000 at best, i was charged 19500 for it due to not so great credit. I keep calling randomly to check balance and add up when i would be done paying 357 a month, i would add it to be paid at a date, but when that date comes i would still have a balance...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / negligence

Nov 03, 2017

I was a customer at this bank. I have closed my account paid in full yet they still are pulling automatic payment even after I called to cancel it. I now have overdraft fees to my bank due to their negligence. I called again to resolve this and they stated that it was my negligence for not...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / payment postponement

Sep 22, 2017

Call Credit Acceptance. Went through automated service to postpone a payment to a later date. which was accepted. (Not a problem or so I thought) I actually made the Payment 3 days before the payment postponement date which Credit Acceptance received and cashed. Two days after Credit Acceptance...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / finance

May 19, 2017

They have mo online account to look at. Nothing I set up auto payments throu WU as the only method. Came out of my check. Miss half a mints pay ment 10 months ago. Missed it. I'm human. Bit, I never knew. They never called ever. I have nothing but a booklet. Tried to take a payment and...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / lien refund

May 02, 2017

These people are very unprofessional. They tell you the same thing over and over, sometimes they even make up stuff. You are always talking to a different person AND they won't let me talk to a manager. They are so full of it. I have been trying to get a damn refund for the longest time...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / auto loan

Jan 27, 2017

No matter What you pay. they will get more out of you 1 way or another. and if you make all your payments and your late on 1 payment and the end of 3 years. they will repo the Car. they dont give a crap . about you. Dont bother to call. customer service. they are rude. they will threaten...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / unethical actions

Jan 12, 2017

I had two suv's through them. Paid off one in 2013, this past october a car hit me and totaled my other suv. My insurance and gap insurance paid off what I owed left. This company reported my account as closed derogatory and that it was in collections and paid off. This has drastically...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / rude woman named lashay

Aug 30, 2016

You have a woman working for you named lashay she was very rude ad nast and had a very stank attitude also asking me why can't pay even though I was about too asking me questions she has no business asking. She was so close to getting cursed out its not even funny. She needs to be fired

Credit Acceptance Corporation / warranty coverage

Mar 29, 2016

I just got my 2007 Chrysler 300 11/2014, I have only needed minor things repaired since ive had it. I take my car to a dealership to have the service done on it. My engine went out and now the warranty company is refusing to pay for my repairs. The car is only worth $4200 but the repair i...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / vehicle

Feb 04, 2016

I make my monthly payments in full but due to some slow work I couldn't make the late fees for about three months but still made the full monthly payments just not the late fees so they cut my car off remotely and said I was 41 days behind due to the late fee and then sent the repo man out...

Credit Acceptance / car taken never late!

Feb 27, 2015

I don't even know where to start, BUT, here I my story...My husband had a note on a 2002 GMC Yukon, for which HAS BEEN being paid for roughly three years so far...well he passed away 1/23/14 and Credit Acceptance was notified BACK THEN about his passing because I was told to send over...

Credit Acceptance / rip off, harassing phone calls

Mar 24, 2014

My ex-wife had my vehicle, under contract but in my name, and didn't pay for a few months. When I was finally able to get the Jeep back, I talked to them and they seemed to be willing to work with me - or so I thought. I made 3 payments in one month trying to pay it up then only owed...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / big rip off and scam with this company a bunch of b/s

Nov 27, 2013

I am currently making payment on car that was fiance threw them . I had my repo several month ago n i got it back but now. They saying. I still owe for the repo fee. So i am still paying on that plus trying to catch back up . Now my car got hit in the back of thr car . My insurance company...

Credit Acceptance Corp / bad business/deception practices

Feb 11, 2013

I had an arrangement with Credit Acceptance in September to pay for a payment which was authorized by them to make repairs to my car due to bad gas in IL from BP. This arrangement was completed in October with a payment of $584.00 and I received confirmation from them that the amount wa...

Credit Acceptance Corporation / illegal repo/theft of personal property


To begin, Credit Acceptance, the company that financed our vehicle did not send us a Right to Cure letter which is required in the State of Missouri. If this letter had been provided to us, it would have given us the 10 day opportunity to avoid repossession and the additional damages that...

Credit Acceptance / harassment


This company, the people who call you are awful the way they do business is terrible. If you get behind ONE payment they really punish you i started out with a 325.00 payment with a lot of interest for a truck bought without looking around stuck in a hard spot rushed into something i...

Credit Acceptance Corp. / constant harassing phone calls and immediate repossession


This company was yes willing to help me due to my credit issues, but the finance charges are totally insane. I purchased a SUV in 2008 and still have 2 more years on it and I am well passed the vehicle's value amount. The placed a device in my vehicle that will shut it off if the...

Credit Acceptance / bad service


I bought a car through credit acceptance and what a bad decision it was. i had my car a year and i have already had a new transmission put in and thats was just after having the cartr for a month. i have had my starter replaced three time. my engine has been leaking oil in three different spots and my fuel pump is gone out.

Credit Acceptance / repossesing/harassment


These people have no feelings for you at all, especially if your are having a difficult time financially. I have just recently lost my job and don't have any income coming in just yet. I got on the phone and called them immediately and told them that I had just lost my job, and would...

credit acceptance auto loan / harrassment


This company starts calling on your due date, 3-7 times a day, never knowing anything about your account when you call. They turned off my GPS device I WAS NOT LATE yet the paperwork does not state anything about shutting my car off!!! In PA it is not late unless its 30 days late. They are...

Credit Acceptance / false reports


The company is reporting inaccurate information to the credit bureaus. They are reporting that I was late with my car payment on December 2010 and January 2011. This is not true, I have never being late on my car payments. I actually pay my car note ahead of time. I noticed the error...

Credit Acceptance / worst company ever


Credit aceptance is the worst company ever! i paid my loan every month on time like a decent person. so i pay it off EARLY and what do they do? the wont release my title to my car?! well they kept saying that that would fax it over but did they? no? do they think people are ***? it takes 5...

Credit Acceptance / unprofessional representatives


The representatives were very rude and impersonal. After explaining my situation of being double billed...they were very standoffish and defensive...saying it wasn't there fault or problem...the previous week i had alerted one of the representatives about the problem...telling him...

Credit Acceptance / bad company


I decided to buy a car and signed all the paperwork to have it set up as auto-pay so I would have no problems with the payments. The first month they decided to turn off my car because they said somebody called them and took off the auto pay. I know for a fact I didn't call them and...

Credit Acceptance / auto pay fraud!


Credit Acceptance is an auto financing company. I pay my car payment on time with them each month and never have an issue. I got a little confident with this kind of service and usually would recommend this company to my friends and co-workers as a great place to get a car loan with bad...

Credit Acceptance / the whole company


My husband and I had our car repossessed and we only owed 295.00. CAC got our car towed ( well the tow guys drove my car instead of hooking it up). We had to pay the tow bill over 300.00 bucks plus 295.00 to get the car back. These are horrible people. We even told the people that it would...